Alexander Bible

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The following records were copied from Volume 383, Georgia Genealogical Records, submitted to DAR 1950, by the Elijah Clark Chapter NSDAR. This book can be found at the DAR Library in Washington, DC. The transcription is as correct as possible.The information contained in these records is the only information I have on these families.

Alexander, John - 1786





John Alexander of Camden SoCa was married to Miss Hannah Oglethorpe, daughter of Dr. Oglethorpe of Camden SoCa, October 7th 1786. (Name added in pencil, John Newman Oglethorpe ).

Samuel Alexander, son of John and Hannah Alexander was born at 4 o’clock in the afternoon September 27th 1787.

Margaret Cannun Alexander, daughter of John and Hannah Alexander, was born 10 o’clock at night February 10th 1790, and died young.

John Ephraim Alexander, son of John and Hannah was born April 24th 1792, moved out West.

John Alexander, Father of the above children, died at ½ past 6 o’clock in the evening September 26th 1791 at St. Mary’s Ga.

Hannah Alexander, afterwards Hannah Jordan, mother of the above children died at ½ past 6 o’clock in the morning March 10th 1808 in Charleston.

Samuel Alexander, son of John & Hannah Alexander was married to Maria Burger, daughter of David & Mary Burger, on Saturday evening March 9th 1816 by Bishop Dehon.

Mary Hannah Alexander, Eldest daughter of Sam’l. & Maria Alexander, was born at 10 o’clock on Monday evening 17th March 1817 and baptized by Bishop Dehon in St. Michael’s Church, Wednesday forenoon. Sponsors Samuel Alexander ) Maria Alexander ) Parents & Aunt Charlott Burger.

Mary Hannah Alexander, Eldest daughter of Sam’l & Maria Alexander was married in Charleston SoCa. To Edward Adams of Hamburg SoCa on Wednesday evening the 17th of May 1837 by the Rev. W. W. Spear.

Samuel Alexander Adams, son of Edward and Mary H. Adams, was born in Charleston, SoCa, Monday morning the 4th of February 1839 between 1 and 2 A.M. and baptized in St. Michaels Church by Rev. W. W. Spear. Sponsors Edward Adams ) Mary Adams ) Parents and Aunt Maria B. Alexander.

Maria Burger Adams, daughter of Edward and Mary H. Adams was born at “Summerhill”, near Hamburg SoCa., on Saturday morning at 1 A.M. the 17th of October 1840. And was baptized in St. Michaels Church by the Rev. Paul Trapin. Sponsors. Edward Adams ) Mary H. Adams) parents and Aunt Harriotte Alexander.

(1) John Alexander, of Camden SoCa. b , d. St. Mary’s, Ga., 26 Sept. 1791, m. 7 October 1786 Hannah Oglethorpe, dau. Of Dr. John Newman Oglethorpe, of Camden S.C. and wife Hannah, daughter of David Adams Sr. of St. Marks Par.
I. Samuel Alexander, b. 27 Sept. 1787 d. 16 July 1866.
II. Margaret Cannun Alexander, b. 10 Feb. 1790 d. young.
III. John Ephraim Alexander, b. 24 Apr. 1792 moved out West.
Hannah Oglethorpe Alexander m. 2nd Mr. Jordan (she d. 30 March 1808. Charleston, S. C.
(2) Samuel Alexander, of Charleston, b. 27 Sept. 1787 d. 16 July 1866, m. 9 March 1816 by Bishop Dehon Maria Burger (dau. Of David Burger & Mary Elmes)
(3) Mary Hannah Alexander, b. 17 Mar. 1817, d. 1 Apr. 1889, m. 17 May 1837 Edward Adams of Hamburg, S.C. b. 7 June 1816, d. 31 July 1851,
1.Samuel Alexander Adams;
2. Maria Burger;
3. Preston;
4. Tallulah;
5. David Lawrence;
6. Richard Caldwell.
II. John David Alexander, b. 24 Jan 1819 m. Matilda Oglethorpe Burger,
Issue: 1. Dase;
2. Elizabeth. M. 1874 A. Vanderhoret Dawson;
3. Alice.
III Maria Burger Alexander, b. 19 Dec. 1820 m. 15 Mar. 1842 Richard Caldwell,
1. Flora (unm)
2. Julia Caldwell m. Benjamine Adams.
IV Harritt Elizabeth Alexander, b. 3 Oct 1822 (unm) bapt. St. Michaels by Bishop Bowen 15 Jan. 1823. Sponsors Sam’l Alexander, Maria Alexander & Miss Mary Williamson.
V Charlotte Burger Alexander, b. 18 Sept. 1824 (unm) bapt. St. Michaels by Bishop Bowen---- Sponsors Sam’l Alexander, Maria Alexander & Miss Jane Williamson.
VI Samuel Williamson Alexander b. 17 Feb 1827 bapt. St. Michael’s by Rever’d Mr. Dalcho June 1827 S.W.A. of Charleston Volunteers 10 July 1847, died in Mexico.
VII Robert Miller Alexander, b. 10 Mar 1829 m. 25 Nov. 1852 Laura Augusta Adams,
1. David Lawrence,
2. Mary Adams Alexander m. Basil J. McTureous,
3. Samuel Alexander m. Carrie Walker Adams,
4. Roberta Alexander (Bertie).
VIII George William Alexander, b. 17 Aug. 1832, d. 13 July 1901 m. 29 Dec 1868, Mrs. Hedwige (Lou) Dowell, nee Girard;
1. Louise Marie Alexander, b. 18 Oct. 1871 d. 7 Feb 1935 (unm).
2. Mary Girard Alexander, b. 8 May 1874 d. 29 Apr 1933 m. 4 June 1902 Charles Emile de Vineau,
1.Charles Emile de Vineau, Jr. b. 15 Apr. 1904, d. 24 July 1934.
2.Ruth Octavie deVineau, b. 2 Jan 1907, m. 15 Nov 1933 Charles Braxton Williams.
3.May Girard DeVineau, b.27 Mar. 1910