Appel Bible

These pages were separated from the Bible, so the
date of the Bible is unknown. It was glued to a page
of an old German Bible, and it is apparent that it was
glued over some older writing. I have not been able to
separate the pages -- maybe in the future someone
can soak them apart and decipher the writing underneath.

German Bible Page

Transcribed by and in the possession of Tracy St. Claire,


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Appel Family Bible Genealogy Page

Henry Appel Died Sept. 9 - 1829

Solomon H. Appel, son of Henry Appel married to Lydia
Leiby April 15th, 1838.

Chas. Appel (Born July 28 1838 in Weisseburg Lehigh Co..
Pa., & Bapt. Aug 13 1838 by Rev. John Helfrich, Sponsors
Danl. & wife Ana M. Leiby

R.S. Appel born Feb. 12 1842

Mary L. Appel born Mar 4 1845

Johnathan Dan'l Appel Born Jan 1- 1850 in Weissenburg,
Lehigh Co., Pa. & Died July 12 - 1861

Lousia Appel (wife of Henry Appel (nee Lynn) born
Feb 8 1795 & Died April 29 1871

Lydia Appel, Died July 7 - 1898 82 yrs, 2-17

Sol H. Appel Died Jan. 12-1906 87 " 3-1

Dan'l Appel Bro'er of Sol H. Appel Born May 28 1821
and died July 16 - 1878. His wife Esther Leukart born
Feb. 6 - 1822 + died Mar. 17 - 1894.

Anna Maria Handwerk, mother of Lydia Appel and daug.
of Jacob & wife Christina Handwerk born Dec. 19 - 1782
in Heidelberg, Northampton Co., Pa., Bapt. Jan 26 - 1783
by Rev. Frank.

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