Austin Bible

This Bible record was published in the National Genealogical Society
, Vol 14, No. 3, September, 1925, p44.


Gustavus Austin and Lydia Kent were married June 3rd, 1803.
Thomas J. Austin and Charlotte Hayden were married June 2nd, 1847.
Nellie L. Austin and Robert M. Zug of Detroit were married Oct. 4, 1893.
L. Corrie Austin and Frederick Beutel married Sept. 18th, 1913.

Gustavus Austin was born June 12th, 1764.
Lydia Kent, his wife, was born Oct. 4th, 1776.
Thomas Jefferson Austin was born Sept. 30, 1804.
Nellie Louise Austin, daughter of Thomas J. and Charlotte Austin, was
born May 4th, 1858.
L. Corintha Austin, 3rd, daughter of Thomas J. and Charlotte Austin, was
born Sept. 4th, 1861.

Gustavus Austin died June 2nd, 1855. Aged 91 years.
Lydia Austin died April 25th, 1868. Aged 92 yrs. and 7 months.
Thomas J. Austin died Aug. 20, 1891.
Charlotte Hayden Austin died Dec. 24th, 1900. Aged 76 years and 2 months.
Robt. M. Zug -- husband of Nellie L. Austin -- died April 19th, 1914 at Detroit
Mich. Aged 62 years.

Affidavit executed 24 March '23, by Nellie Louise Austin Zug, and L.
Corintha Austin Beutel before David Emerson, N.P. Los Angeles, California.