Axline Bible

Submitted by:
Gerald A. Gieger
P.O. Box 40471
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HOLY BIBLE containing the Old and New Testaments:
Translated Out of the Original Tongues and with the Former Translations
Diligently Compared and Revised.
American Bible Society, New York 1867

Brackets [ ] have been inserted by the transcriber for clarity and to
correct grammar.

This Bible is presently owned by Jimmy Schultz of Marion, Ohio, who is the
great-grandson of William Andrew Axline and Martha (Bagley) has
several 'strike-overs' making it difficult to decipher.



William Andrew Axline Bible

William Andrew Axline - b. 18 August 1846; Confirmed a Member of the
Lutheran Church 24 October 1863 by Rev
Jno. Rugan
Martha Axline - b. 15 November 1851; joined Evangelical Lutheran Church by
Letter 26 April 1873 by Rev. David Wiseman
Evalena Louanna Axline, daughter of W.A. and Martie B. Axline - b.1 April
1872; Baptized 26 April 1873 by Rev. David
Wiseman; Confirmed a member of St. Andrews
Evangelical [Lutheran] Church 26 September 1885 by Rev. J.H. Hinton
Arrilla Estella Axline, daughter of Wm. A. and Martha B. Axline - b. 3
November 1875; Baptized 16 January 1876 by Rev.
David Wiseman
Theodore Earl Axline, son of Wm. A. and Martie B. Axline - b. 15 June 1877;
Baptized 15 June 1878 by Rev. David Wiseman;
Confirmed a member of St Andrews
Evangelical Lutheran Church 25 December 1891 by Rev. C. Hemsath
Rollin C. Benjamin Axline - b. 14 February 1880; Baptized 27 November 1881
by Rev. J. Hinton; Confirmed a member of St.
Andrews Evangelical Lutheran Church 27 April 1895
by Rev C.K. Drumbeller

Cornelius Axline - b. 23 September 1821 [in Loudoun County, Virginia]
Mary Isabel Cusaac - b. 10 February 1826 [in Loudoun County, Virginia]
John Axline - b. [28 October 1791-2?]
Christianna Baker - b. [13 October 1790]
Johannes Axline - b. [19 July 1739]
[Christena Mertz, wife of Johannes Axline - b. 1750]
Rheuben Bagley - b. 14 February 1769
Christiana Bagley - b. 25 September 1774

Andrew Cusaac - b. 27 January 1779
Jane (Shaw) Cusaac, wife of Andrew Cusaac - b. 17 May 1793
Mrs. Sarah Matilda Axline Bagley - b. 22 April 1848
Virginia Rosale Axline - b. 27 February 1913
Wilson Theodore Axline - b. 3 December 1914
Robin Jane Axline - b. 31 Aug 1939
William Andrew Axline [II] - b. 6 August 1940
James Wilson Schultz - b. 8 September 1942
Kristy Marie Axline - b. 8 August 1946

William A. Axline and Martha Bagley - m. 3 April 1870 at her Residence by
Rev. W Benner.
Dr. Theodore E. Axline and Golda Wilson - m. 31 July 1908 at Evangelical
Lutheran Parsonage in Zanesville, Ohio by Rev.
A.B. Markley
Rollin C. Axline and Bertha Bruner Alward - m. 30 June 1915 at the
Evangelical Lutheran Parsonage in Columbus, Ohio by
Rev. Adam Hall

Mary Isabel Cusaac, wife of Cornelius Axline - d. 23 September 1854, aged 28
years, 7 months and 13 days
Cornelius Axline - d. 3 March 1880, aged 58 years, 6 months - At Ft. Worth,
Arrilla Estella Axline - d. 24 December 1884 aged 10 years, 1 month and 21
William Andrew Axline - d. 17 February 1923
Martha Bagley Axline - d. 15 October 1929
Theodore Earl Axline - d. 6 September 1947 [at Cleveland, Ohio]
Mrs. Sarah Matilda Axline Bagley - d. 21 January 1916, aged 67 yrs., 8
months, 29 days

John Axline, father of Cornelius Axline and grandfather of William A. Axline
was born in Loudoun County Virginia and died [at Perry County, Ohio on] 28
February 1883, aged 91 years, 3 months and 28 days

Christianna Baker, wife of John Axline was born in Loudoun County, Virginia
and died 19 February 1850 aged 59 years, 4 months and 6 days.

Johannes Axline, father of John Axline was born in Pennsylvania in 1740.
His father, George Christof [Oeschlen], came to Pennsylvania from Germany in
Colonial times. Johannes' father and mother removed from there to Loudoun
County, Virginia about the year 1778. Christof's wife was an Uhelrich[??].

The father of Christianna (Baker) Axline was Samuel Baker who came [from
Virginia] to Ohio in 1806. He was the son of Jacob Baker of Loudoun County,
Virginia who moved from Maryland about 1750.

Mary Isabel Cusaac, [1st] wife of Cornelius Axline, was the daughter of
Andrew Cusaac [II]. Her mother was Jane Shaw. Her grandfather, Andrew
Cusaac [I] came from Ireland and her grandmother, Jane Moore came from
Scotland to Ireland and was a Scotch Presbyterian. Jane Shaw's parents were
William and ____________ (Robinson) Shaw.

Martha Bagley, wife of Wm. A. Axline was the daughter of Benjamin and Jane
(Weden) Bagley who was the daughter of James and Dorinda Moore. [Benjamin
was] the son of Rheuben and Christina Bagley and came from Loudoun County,
Virginia to Muskingum County, Ohio about the time that the Axlines came