Bachman Bible

My branch of the Musselman/Baughman families moved from Pennsylvania to
Shennandoah Co., Virginia; then to Fairfield Co., Ohio and then to Union
Co., Ohio. This Bible has been in the family since about its date of
printing or 1811. Found inside the Bible were a few obituaries from
newspapers, an 1815 pamplet of the Scioto Baptists Association which
lists numerous surnames but no genealogical data other than placement
geographically. Also, an 1858 copy of an Almanac from the Union Co.,
Ohio area. Several loose sheets of paper with handwritten family data
were included in the Bible submissions.

Bachman/Baughman Bible
Philadelphia: PRINTED AND PUBLISHED BY MATHEW CAREY no.122 Market Street 1811

Submitted 28 February 1999 by:
James L. Cooper
210 N. Front St.
St. Marys, Ohio

Information taken from original Bible, currently in possession of the submitter.

Surnames: Bachman; Barnharte; Baughman; Boman; Brenneman; Conkling; Garret;
Holtaman; James; Lame; Layman; Lohing; Musselman; Webb.

Page 677
1748 On the night of new year John Bachman was born
1753 Eleven days before Chistmes day Anna Brenneman was born
1174 John Bachman and Anna Brenneman was marrit in said year
Children of John Bachman 1743 FT 24 John Musselman born
1775 Abraham 1st born 1751 Ft 27 Maria Holtaman born
1776 22 Dec Henry born 1767 May 24 Marrit
1778 28 Nov Barbara born
1781 6 January Christina born Children of John Musselman
1782 28 March John born 1768 Apr 3 Anna born
1783 5 Dec Daniel born 1769 14 sept Jacob born
1785 5 Oct Jacob born 1771 30 May Maria born
1787 2 Nov Christian born 1773 4 January David born
1789 27 Aug David born 1774 7 May Barbary born
1791 5 Oct John born 1775 5 decm Susanna born
1794 26 Feb Anna born 1777 29 sept John born
1796 14 March Maria born 1779 7 June Magdalena born
God blefs the generation of John Bachman 1781 12 Feb Elisabeth born
1782 31 decmbr Ester born
1784 26 decm born
1786 8 Nov Samuel born
1788 14 Augt Christian born
1790 24 Apr Daniel born
1792 31 may Franna born
1794 22 may Joseph born
God blefs the generation of John Musselman

Page 678
And God blessed them and said be fruitful multipy and replenish
the earth and subdue it:

1785 October 5th day Jacob Bachman was born
1781 February 12th day Elisabeth Musselman was born
1807 October 10th day Jacob Bachman and Elisabeth Musselman Got Marrit

children of Jacob Bachman
1808 Dec 14 day Tother Maria born 1817 July 27th day Son Josiah born
1809 December the first day Tother Frances born 1820 June 24th day Son David born
1811 August 31st day Tother Anna born 1823 March 3dt day Son Jacob born
1813 October 24th day Son John born
1815 May 24th day Tother Ester born God blefs the generation of Jacob Bachman

page 679
1828 Septem 3 Day My Dother Anna was marrit to Nathan E. Lohing
1833 December 13 Day My Dother franna was marrit to Joseph Layman
1836 April 28 Day Dother Esther was marrit to David Conkling
1837 July My son John was marrit to Anna Layman
1842 Oct 13 Day My Son David was married to Rebecca Jane Boman

1832 February 22 Maria Died
1841 October 27 Jacob died
1870 December the 22 Day Elisabeth Died
Josiah Baughman died February 12th 1900
Jacob Baughman died April 21st 1907

Also in this same Bible, handwritten on separate sheets of paper, were the following records:

1823 Jacob Baughman was Born March the 3 day
1825 Mary Lame was Born June the 11 Day
1849 September the 23 day Jacob Baughman and Mary Lame was Marad
1850 July the 9 day Dotter Eathe Linda was Born
1851 December the 16 Son Allen was Born
1854 April the 13 day Son Isaac Newton was Born
1856 April the 6 day Son James Madison was Born
1858 June the 29 day Dotter Mary Annah was Born
1860 October the 10 A Son Born and not named
1862 June the 19 Day A Son Born Jacob Anson
1866 March the 13 Day Son Sylvester was Born
1875 December the 30 day Ethia Linda Baughman and Elonadis Barnharte got Maride
1875 May the 18 Day Mary Anner Baughman and Clark James got Maried
1894 January 29th Sylvester Baughman and Mary M. Lame were married in Covington, Ky.
1896 January 14th Madison Baughman and Mary E. Garret were married in Virginia

Charles Webb Was Born October 7th 1783.
Zebulon Webb Was born November4th 1785.
Martha Webb Was Born September 9th 1787
Isah Webb son of Zebulon & Edith Webb Was Born April 15th 1759
Mary Webb Daughter of Gabriel & Martha Webb Was Born February 12th 1761
Sebellah Webb Was Born February 1th 1789
Jonathan Webb Was Born November 18th 1791
Annah Webb Was born November 29th 1793
Dave Webb Was Born February 24th 1795
Charity Webb Was Born November 25th 1797
James Wright Webb Was Born June 7th 1799
Elizabeth Webb was born the 19th day of September Anono Domine Eighteen hundred and one 1801.

Mary Lame was born in the year of our Lord 1825 on the 11th of June
Peter W. Lame was Born in the year of our Lord 1827 on the 24th of october
Isaiah Lame was Born in the year of our Lord 1831 on the 17th of febuary
Ann E. Lame was Born in the year of our Lord 1834 on the 6th of September
Anner Webb Lame was Born in the year of our Lord 1793 on the 24th of november
Anner Lame Died on the 28 of Febuary 1867
Mary Lame Baughman died March 17th 1900