Barrington Bible


Submitted Aug. 9, 1996 by:
Charles Dobie,
P. O. Box 581,
Smiths Falls, ON, Canada.
K7A 4T6


This transcript is made from photocopies of a Bible sent to me by Louise Gilroy of Mississauga, Ont.
Note that the Jeannie Greenshields Meikle in this Bible is a first cousin once removed of the one
in the Meikle Bible, previously transcribed for TBA.

Following the format in the Meikle Bible, Louise Gilroy's connection to John Meikle and Mary Hoatson is:
John Meikle Sr. & Mary Hoatson
. Thomas Meikle & Margaret Wood
. . Jeannie Greenshields Meikle & Thomas Barrington
. . . Isabella Dow Barrington & Frederick Howard Gilroy
. . . . George Barrington Gilroy & Helen Donaldson McDonald
. . . . . Louise Convery Gilroy

I have only the photocopies to work from, but the names are written on specially printed pages within
the Bible, with "Family Register", "Parents' Names", "Children's Names", etc., being ornately printed,
with a blank page provided for each.

Surnames in this file:
Johnson (clergy only)
Lightbourn (clergy only)
Morall (clergy only)

// First page

Family Register

Parents Names

Husband Thomas Barrington.
Born Montreal, April 27th. 1854.
Wife Jeannie Greenshields Meikle.
Born St. Andrews P.Q. Sept 5th 18 [1854 -- from Louise Gilroy].
Married At St. Andrews P.Q.
June 13th 1877.

// end First Page

// Second Page

Childrens Names

Thomas Meikle Barrington Born at St. Andrews P.Q. May 2nd. 1878.

Isabella Dow Barrington Born at Montreal March 26th 1881.

George Wolseley Barrington Born at Montreal November 23rd 1882.


Lois Hope Barrington. Born at Montreal. June 20th 1906.

Geo. Barrington Gilroy. born at Mount Forest Ont. July 6th 1911.

Elizabeth Joan Barrington. Born at Montreal May 8th 1926.

// end Second Page

// Third page


Thomas Meikle Barrington to
Maude Mary Thompson at
St. Andrews ch. Westmount Que. by
Rev. Wm[?] Johnson. May 17th 1905.

Isabel Dow Barrington to
Frederick Howard Gilroy. of Mount Forest Ont.
At her home 104 Villeneuve Ave. Montreal
by Rev A. J. Morall D.D. Sept 16th 1908.

George Wolseley Barrington to
Pauline Byrne Bryant of Montreal
at the Church of St James the Apostle, Montreal
by Rev Lightbourn May 15th 1925.

// end Third page

// Fourth page


Thomas Barrington July 26th 1884.

Jeannie Greenshields Meikle Barrington September 5th 1914.

George W. Barrington March 28th 1950.

Frederick H. Gilroy June 18th 1952.

Thomas M. Barrington April 15th 1953.

Geo. Barrington Gilroy March [27th 1960] [entry faint on copy, date supplied by Louise Gilroy].

Isabel Dow Barrington Gilroy Aug. 14 1971.

Maude Barrington Feb 1968.

Pauline Bryant Barrington Dec. 3 1980.

// end of Barrington Bible
// end of file