Beall Bible

The Holy Bible Containing the Old and New
Testaments, New York, American Bible Society,

This Bible is in very good shape. Covers are intact but
split, and there is some foxing and very slight water
damage. This Bible belonged to some very distant
cousins of mine, I believe.

Transcribed by and in the possession of Tracy St. Claire,


-----------------TRANSCRIPT STARTS-----------------

[Page One -- Marriages]

Ninian Beall & Esther Ridgely was married July 23 1850

Harry H. Agnew and Mary Alice Clemens were married Feb. 24 1910

[Page Two -- Births]

Ninian Beall was born Jan 6 1820

Hetty [Esther crossed out] Beall was born Dec 1 1827 [1826 crossed out]

Hettie Beall, wife of Ninian Beall was born Dec 1 1827 [two lines under 1827
for emphasis, I think]

Harry Agnew was Born Nov. 1 1879

Mary Alice Clemens Agnew was born 1891 Jan. 27th.

Catherine Virginia Agnew was born July 27 1922

[Page Three -- Births]

Henry Clay Beall was born July 27 1844

John R. Beall was born May 2 1847

Franklin Beall was born May 23 1851

Margaret Beall was Born June 3 1851

George P. Beall was born May 28 1854

Emma V. Beall was born Dec the 9th 1857

Tabbott H. Beall was born Dec the 6th 1859

[Page Four -- Deaths]

Franklin Beall died July 6 1851 Aged one month
and fifteen days

Margarett Beall died March 23 1855 Aged two
years and nine months and twenty days

George P. Beall died May the 14th 1857 Aged
two years and eleven months and seventeen days.

Talbert H. Beall died June 17th 1875 Aged sixteen years
six months and ten days

Hettie Beall died July 24, 1914, Aged 86 yrs. 7 mo. 207

Ninian Beall died Feb 15, 1895

George H. Agnew died May 9, 1922

Thurman Agnew died April 9 1924

---------------END TRANSCRIPT----------------