Beard Bible

This Bible was acquired from a collector.

The Holy Bible Containing the Old and New Testaments,
Central Publishing House, Nashville, 1885.

Currently in the possession of Tracy St. Claire,


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[Page One -- Marriage Certificate]

This Certifies that the Rite of Holy Matrimony was
Celebrated Between Mary Washburn of Decatur and
Robt. H. Beard of Decatur on November 16, 1884
at home by Dr. Hill.

Witness: Mrs. Sarah Washburn
Mrs. M. Beard

[Page Two -- Marriages]

Robert H. Beard Was Born June the 1 1865
Was Married to Mary A. Washburn November
the 16 1884 (Sun.) She was Born March the 10

Walter Ernest Beard married to Arilee Haynes
Oct 16, 1907

Willow Ray Beard married Clarence James
July 3, 1910 (Sun.)

Charles Herbert Beard married Grace Doty Walker
May 1920. (Sun)

Frankie E. Beard married Chas.G. Gleaves
June 23, 1920 (Wed.)

Charles Herbert Beard married to Vivian Ball,
Jan 12 - 1924.

[Page Three -- Births]

Off their children

Walter E. Beard Was Borne April the 6 1887

Charles H. Beard Was Born Sept the 15 1891

Willow Ray Beard Born Sept the 19 1894

Frankie Ella Beard born March 22 1900


Clarence Ernest James, Jr Born April
14, 1911.

Charles G. Gleaves Jr., Born Nov 18 -- 1924

[Page Four -- Deaths]

Charles Herbert Beard died Jan 15 - 1933
age 41 years 4 months

R.H. Beard died Dec 23 - 1933
age 68 years 6 months

Mama died July 3rd 1943 Age 76

Walter Beard Age 70 died Feb 15, 1957.

Willow March 29, 1960 Age 65 yrs. 6 mo.

[Additional Info]

There is an additional piece of paper with the name of
Walter Beard on it. It appears to be a part for a
Christmas presentation, and holds no genealogical

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