Beatty Bible

This record was copied from Genealogical Records From
Old Family Bibles Manuscripts and Letters
, Frank Andrews,
Vineland, New Jersey 1923, p. 7.


Below this line, verbatim from source, except for
some slight formatting changes.



Charles & Ann Beatty marryed June 24th 1746.
[License granted to Charles Beatty of Bucks Co. Pa.
and Ann Reading of Huntington Co. N.J. June 13, 1746.]

Ann Beatty departed this life March 22 1768 at Greenoch
in Scotland

Mary Beatty born April 21st 1747
Christiana Beatty born June 17th 1748
John Beatty born December 10th 1749
Elizabeth Beatty born March 26 1852
Martha Beatty born Jan y 29th 1754
Charles C. Beatty born Feb y 11th 1756
Reading Beatty born Dec r 23d 1757
Erkuries Beatty born Oct r 9th 1759
George Beatty born June 28 1763
William Beatty born March 31st 1766
Ann Beatty born March 1768 in Scotland
Great G Mother Scott died in 1776 either in April or May

P. Fithian & E. Beatty married 1775

This record of the Beatty Family is written on a half
sheet of 4to paper, addressed Mrs. Mary Green, Trenton.
Mary Beatty married Rev. Enoch Green.