Andrew Black and Margaret Lockridge 1836 Family Bible

Submitted June 2001 by:
Brenda (Black) Watson
8067 Neshoba Rd.
Germantown, TN 38138 USA
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The Bible is in the possession of Brenda Black Watson. I am the second great-granddaughter of Andrew. I inherited several Family Bibles from my Uncle George Black in Arcola, IL in 1977. This transcript is taken from five pages out of the original Bible. I have faithfully maintained the original spelling. The English Version of the Polyglott Bible - Brattleboro': Published by Fessenden & Co., 1836

Andrew Black was born in Mt. Sterling, Montgomery Co., KY in 1807, married Margaret Lockridge (1811-1863) and died in Greencastle, Putnam Co., IN in 1885. They had 13 children, many of whom stayed in the Indiana area for the first generations.

Surnames in this file:

First page
Andrew Black July 1, 1807
Margaret his wife August 2, 1811
Was married October 16, 1828

Second Page
Ardena daughter of Andrew and Margaret Black Janry. 14, 1830
Louisa April 25, 1832
Mary Ann Dec 4, 1833
Elizabeth Nov 20, 1835
Margaret Oct. 25, 1837
Sarah Aug. 11, 1839
Permelia July 20, 1841
George William Sept. 27, 1843
Robert Miller Dec. 16, 1845
Jane Nov. 2, 1847
Virginia Janry. 1, 1849
Andrew Alexander Febry. 6, 1852
Edwin Ezra Feby. 18, 1854

Third Page
Laurence E. Black
Son of Edwin & Emma Black
Born Sept. 8, 1889
Laurana Black daughter of Evelyn
Laurence E. Black Born March 5, 1917
James Joseph Black Son of Evelyn & Laurence E. Black Born Dec 24, 1927
Laurence Black and Evelyn Hinkle Married Oct. 7th 18

Fourth Page
Andrew Black Oct. 10, 1885
Margaret Black July 5, 1863
Ardena Aug. 21, 1878
Louisa Oct. 22, 1914
Mary Ann
Elizabeth Dec. 12, 1901
Margaret Nov. 8, 1911
Sarah July 20, 1924
Permelia Feb. 16, 1909

Robert June 11, 1899
George William Dec. 29, 1913
Jane Nov. 16, 1874
Edwin E. Feb. 25, 1921
Andrew A. June 21, 1917
Virginia Dec. 24, 1928

Fifth Page
Written on the first page of the Bible's listings of Births and Deaths.
Maj. George Black, father of Andrew Black, was born in Virginia July 8th 1767. He removed with his wife from Virginia to Mt. Sterling KY some time before the war of 1812 with England. He became a soldier of this war, belonging to the regiment of mounted riflemen, which was commanded by Col. R. ?. Johnson and which performed a magnificent part in the Battle of the ??? ? Canada Johnson command ? the immediate orders of Gen. Harrison charged and broke through British infantry and thus secured that famous victory.