Blyth Bible Pages

These pages were separated from the book, presumably
a Bible. For that reason I cannot date the volume, but
I assume it predates John Blyth's inscription "John Blyth
His Book 1775". Likewise, I cannot determine with
certainty what order these pages appeared.

In those days, people were pretty casual about spelling.
Transcribed as written with no corrections.

Transcribed by and in the possession of Tracy St. Claire,


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[Page One]

James Blyth

John Blyth
His Book ~

John Blyth

[Page Two]

John Blyth the fun of Thos Blyth An Hannah Blyth hor fun
Whas Boorn May th14 in 1758 Sunday a bout too an thee
a Clock in the Afternoon ~ ~ Elizabeth Blyth Whas boorn
June th 21 y 1760. Saturday morning a bout nine a Clock
~~~An Blyth whas boorn July th 10 ~ y ~ 1762. Saudurday
night a bout ten a Clock ~ Sausana Blyth Whas boorn August
6 Wednsday 1765 Morning a bout woon a Clock Mary Blyth
Was boorn July 19th 1768. wansday morning a bout one a

[Page Three]

Thos Was Born the Soun of Hannah and John Blyth 1790.
January 8 day was
Jane Was Born the Dotear of Hannah and John Blyth 1792.
June. 19. and was badtized July 8
Elizbeth Was Born the Dotear of Hannah and John Blyth
1795. April 26. a bout beteen five and six Clock in the
morind and was babtize May 30 day
Ann Was Born the Dotear of Hannah B and John Blyth
1798 July 29 half past Six Clock in the moring and Was
babtize [something illegible] same

[Page Four]

John Blyth his Book 1780 ~

John Blyth His Book. 1779. ~

Thos Blyth

John Was Born the Sun of hannah and John Blyth march
28 a bout tow Clock in the moring and Was babtized
april 26, 1801.


1831 1831

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