Bowden Bible

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The following records were copied from Volume 383, Georgia Genealogical Records, submitted to DAR 1949, by the Elijah Clark Chapter NSDAR. This book can be found at the DAR Library in Washington, DC. The transcription is as correct as possible.The information contained in these records is the only information I have on these families.



Bowden, George W. - 1771

Family Bible record of GEORGE W. BOWDEN
Cornelia, Georgia
Present owner: Mrs. A. L. Hale, Watkinsville, Ga., Rte. 1.
George W. Bowden & Jane I. Estes was married January the 7th, 1858
Hollis H. Bowden & Camelia C. Downing were married August 17th, 1880 by the Rev. Mr. Cleveland.
James J. Bowden & Bessie J. Daniel were married Feb. 14th, 1887 by the Rev. A. D. Echols.
Charles Sweet and Annabel Bowden were married June 27, 1888 by Rev. J. H. Baxter.
Idus I. Bowden and Sallie T. Whelchel were married December 17th, 1891 by Rev. J. H. Little.
Hollis H. Bowden was born Nov. 28th, 1858
Idus I. Bowden was born Feb. 25th, 1860
James J. Bowden was born Dec. 25th, 1861
Annabel Lee Bowden was born March 11th, 1866. Sunday morning
George W. Bowden was born Sept. 29th, 1830
Jane I. Bowden was born Sept. 13th, 1830
George O. Bowden was born Sept. 4th, 1881
Hulin I. Bowden was born Arpil 4th, 1883
Carrie L. Bowden was born March 8th, 1885
Theodore J. Bowden was born Jany. 15th, 1887
(See note below)


George Warren Bowden died at his home in Cornelia, Ga. On the 10 Oct. 1903
R. N. Bowden died in Atlanta on the 19 July 1903
S. L. Bowden died at his home in Gandbury, Texas on the 12 July, 1903
Judge J. B. Estes died at his home in Gainesville on 15 September 1903
Jane J. Bowden died at her home in Cornelia, Ga. Aug 17, 1908 about 5 o'clock in the morning.
Eliza Estes Headen died at Tocca, Ga. Dec. 1909
Cynthia C. Brewer died March 20, 1911
Sallie Whelchel Bowden died July 1913
Idus I. Bowden died at his home in Buford, Ga. January 13, 1917
Bessie Daniel Bowden died at her home in New York Nov. 7, 1925
Annabel Lee Bowden Sweet died Dec. 11th, 1926 at her home in Athens, Ga.
Jas. Jackson Bowden died at Hulin Bowden's Oct. 22nd 1929 in Athens

Nathaniel Estes born May 15th, 1777 and Died Nov. 14th, 1841
Thos. Estes born March 4th, 1803. Died May 21st, 1841
Nancy Estes, Sen. born 26th Oct. 1771. Died July 31st, 1856
Nancy Richardson born July 8th 1806 and Died 4th March 1856
Eliz. Brown born July 1st, 1808 and Died Decr. 1st, 1856
From an obituary pasted in the Bible: "James G. Bowden a Deacon of the Presbyterian Church of Homer, Ga. Fell asleep in Jesus Monday night, January 4th, 1892. He was born March 27th, 1801 in North Carolina. He removed to South Carolina when 19 years of age ----- married Miss Eliza Forbes ----removed to what was then Franklin now Banks Co., Georgia. --- His aged wife had preceded him to heaven about fifteen years."

Note: Information given by Mrs. A. L. Hale, daughter of Hollis H. Bowden:
The four children listed before the deaths on page 1 are children of Hollis H. and Camelia C. Bowden. Six additional children are listed the Bible of Hollis Bowden.
Bible published 1860 by B. Lippincott, Philadelphia.