Boynton Bible

Susan Boynton Ward and her brother John receive the family Bible, New Year's Eve, 2003.

The Holy Bible Containing the Old and New Testaments,
New York, Pratt, Oakley and Company, 1860. Unknown
to Hills.

This Bible is in excellent shape, having been rebound along
the way. It now has a black leather binding with gilding,
and the name "Thos. J. Boynton" gilded on the bottom
edge of the spine. That is unusual, as the name of Thomas
J. Boynton does not appear in this Bible.

This Bible was purchased at Back Alley Books in Evanston,
Illinois. Great place to go if you are ever in the area.

Transcribed by and in the possession of Tracy St. Claire,

Returned to Susan Boynton Ward (listed below!) of Glenview,


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[Page One -- Marriages]

Patrick H. Boynton and Mary R. Townshend were married at
Columbus Ohio December 30th A.D. 1875.

Arthur J. Boynton and Mary Belle Faxon were married at Elyria
Ohio June 12 A.D 1901

Henry Percy Boynton and Genevieve Sutherland Beach were
married at Rugglas, Ohio October 17 1905.

William John Reynolds and Sylvia Patricia Boynton were
married at Winnetka, Illinois October 12, 1946

Sidney Hale Boynton and Juanita Belle Osgood were married at
Lorain, Ohio June 27" 1906.

Arthur J. Boynton and Ruth Alice Bullock were married at
Pawtucket R.I. May 17, 1910.

Robert Samuel Burrows and Margaret Townshend Boynton were
married at Winnetka Illinois February 20, 1937.

John F. Boynton and Eleanor Delano Linthicum were married in
Evanston Illinois on January 25, 1947.

[Page Two -- Births]

Patrick Henry Boynton was born at Russia Lorain County Ohio
August 10th A.D. 1848

Arthur Jefferson Boynton was born at Elyria Ohio October 31st
A.D. 1876

Henry Percy Boynton was born at Elyria Ohio February 26th
A.D. 1879

Sydney Hale Boynton was born at Elyria Ohio January 9th
A.D. 1882

Children of Arthur J. and Mary Belle Faxon Boynton:
Mary Eleanor, June 5, 1902
Philip Sydney, Jan. 2 1908
both at Elyria, Ohio.

Children of Sydney Hale & Juanita Belle Osgood Boynton:
Donald Arthur June 24 '07
Mildred Mary, July 24 '08
Dorothy Alice, Jan. 29, 1911
Helen Isabel, June 6, 1918
all at Elyria, Ohio.

Susan Eleanor Boynton was born in Evanston, Ill. on May
21, 1954, and was legally adopted by John F. and Eleanor
L. Boynton in the County Court of Cook County, Illinois
on April 6, 1955.

[Page Three -- Births]

Mary Rebecca Townshend was born at Elyria Ohio December
21st A.D. 1849.

Olga Helena Becker was born at Painesville, Ohio December
15 1895 child of William and Louise Becker
Olga Helena Becker was legally adopted by Patrick H. & Mary
T. Boynton in the Probate Court of Lorain County Ohio June
15 1908 and her name changed to Boynton

Children of Arthur J. & Ruth Alice Bullock Boynton.
Margaret Townshend, at Elyria, O, Mar. 19, 1911.
Sylvia Patricia, at Cleveland O, June 3, 1915.
John Fairfield at Cleveland, O. Mar. 13, 1920.
Arthur Jefferson Jr., at Cleveland, O., July 13, 1921.

John Townshend Burrows was born at Evanston, Ill., June 1, 1943.
Anne Curtis Burrows was born at Evanston Ill., April 3, 1946.

[Page Four -- Deaths]

Patrick Henry Boynton died at Elyria Ohio April 30, 1911.

Mary Belle Faxon Boynton died at Elyria Ohio March 10, 1908.

Mary Rebecca Townshend Boynton died at Elyria Ohio Mar 7, 1915.

Henry Percy Boynton died at Angola, Ind. October 14, 1960.

Mary Eleanor Boynton died at Elyria Ohio March 5, 1905.

Donald Arthur Boynton died at Elyria Ohio June 30, 1907.

Philip Sydney Boynton died at Elyria , Ohio, Feb. 6, 1908.

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