Braley Bible

The English Version of the Polyglott Bible Containing
the Old and New Testaments. Brattleboro; Fessenden
and Co. and Peck and Wood, 1834. Hills #820.

This Bible is in poor condition, being severely water-
damaged and moldy. There are several old handwritten
bible study notes within.

Alvin Braley is found in the 1860 census for Washington
County, Vermont.

Transcribed by and in the possession of Tracy St. Claire,


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[Page One -- Marriages]


Alvin Braley Nov. 26, 1807 Feb. 18 1875 [1876?]
Lucy Hutchinson Feb. 1 1806 Sept. 19 1870
Married Dec. 30, 1829

George Braley Oct. 8, 1832 Nov. 17, 1833.
George Braley Apr. 2, 1835
Charles Braley Nov. 29, 1842 May 8, 1843
Lucy Braley Apr. 2, 1847 Mar. 11 1861

[Page Two -- Children's Marriages Page, has one
obituary pasted onto it]

Northfield -- The wife of the Hon. Alvin Braley, of this
village, died Monday morning last after an illness of
several weeks. It is thought that the real cause of her
death was a fall, which she experienced a short time since.
She was sixty-four years old, and had scarcely known a
sick day before her last illness. Healthy, ambitious, a
great worker, an excellent housekeeper and a good
woman, she has left a place that can never be filled.

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