Bucklew Bible


Bucklew Family Bible

Submitted July 15, 1997 by:
Arthur J. Engler
252 11th Street S.E.
Washington DC 20003-2124

Email: AEngler344@aol.com

Taken from original Bible. Submitted by, and current holder of the original Bible:
Arthur J. Engler, 252 11th St., S.E., Washington DC 20003-2124
(great-grandson of Nettie Bucklew).

Surnames in this record:

Samuel C. Bucklew and
Martha Elizabeth Reed were
married February 27, 1872.

Samuel C. Bucklew, Father.
Born August 27, 1843.
Martha Elizabeth (Reed) Bucklew
Born April 14, 1847. Mother


Leander Bucklew
Born September 19.1873 in Keene Township Coshocton, (Co.) Ohio
Howard Bucklew, Born Marh 17, 1876 - Clark Township Coshocton Co. Ohio
Nettie Bucklew November 6, 1877, Clark Township Coshocton Co. Ohio
Infant Brother born March 31, 1879 - \ buried March 31.1879
Oscar B. Bucklew. October 21, 1880. Clark Twp., Coshocton Co. Ohio
Marry Agusta [actual spelling is Mary Augusta, according to birth
certificate], October 21, 1886 Clark Township, Coshocton Co. Ohio

Mother [Martha Elizabeth Reed Bucklew] Died November 18, 1917 age 70 years 7
Mo. 4 days
Father [Samuel C. Bucklew] Died February 25 1923 Age 79 yrs 5 Mo. 28 days

[Separate sheet included in Bible]
Martha Elizabeth Bucklew
Died November the 18th on Sundy [sic] 1917
Samuel Bucklew Died Feb. 25 - one Sunday 1923