Canfield Bible

This is a single sheet, written on both sides, removed
from a Bible. There is no indication of a place
or date of the Bible itself for this reason.

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[Page One -- Births]


Susan Elizabeth Canfield January 23rd 1843

Phebe Catharine Canfield May 7th A.D. 1845

Anna Maria Canfield May 13th A.D. 1847

George S. Canfield February 9th A.D. 1850

Three Infant Children Born at different periods
and died at or near Births

[Page Two -- Deaths]

Mary Isabella Canfield March 7th 1839

Anna Maria Canfield September 9th 1847

George S. Canfield February 15th 1857

James Arthur Canfield May 24th 1864

Susannah Canfield Sunday Feb 13th 1870-- 10PM

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