Cant Bible

This Bible record was transcribed from Fragmenta Genealogica,
Volume 10, Frederick Arthur Crisp, 1904, p 13.


Below this line, verbatim from source, except for some minor
formatting changes.


Cant Family
Manningtree, Essex.

Ann Low was Born December 29th 1764. Died November 10th 1842,
Aged 78 Years.
Ann Cant was Born August 19th 1787. Died October 14th 1812, Aged
25 Years.
George Cant was Born March 14th 1797. Died August 27th 1867,
Aged 70 Years.
Jacob Cant was Born March 1st 1799. Died Febry 7th 1870, Aged 70
Mary Cant was Born July 11th 1802. Died May 9th 1845, Aged 43
Jane Cant was Born July 11th 1804. Died June 5th 1824, Aged 20 Years.
William Cant was Born June 30th 1807. Died December 8th 1890, Aged
83 1/2 Years.
William Cant Husband to Ann Low and Father of this Family born 1758.
Died December 3rd 1846, Aged 88.
Mrs. Jane Cant, 63 London Road. Died July 17th 1872 at 5 M Past one
Noon, Aged 61 Years.

From a Bible, in two volumes, in my possession. --F.A.C.