Carpenter Bible

The Holy Bible Containing the Old and New Testaments,
Merriam, Moore and Co., Troy NY, 1848. Hills # 1361

The Bible is in fair condition, with both covers detached
and the spine damaged. Some foxing.

LDS site puts this family in Somers, Westchester, NY.

Transcribed by and in the possession of Tracy St. Claire,

The handwriting here is questionable. Please view
the scans for yourself before using this information.


-----------------TRANSCRIPT STARTS-----------------

[Page One -- Marriages]

Jesse G. Carpenter was married to Sarah Seymour
December 23rd 1849

D. Webster Carpenter married Mary Reynolds 1874
[1874 added in pencil later]

John S. Carpenter married Annie May Flerrellin [?? TSC]

Andrew Carpenter married Ida Vail

Elisha P. Carpenter married Lottie Wixom

Bailey U. Carpenter married March 12, 1896
Carrie May Cassell

Lillian Carpenter married Richard M. Underhill

Jessie E. Carpenter married David G. Carpenter

Milton Webster Carpenter married Ethel Leone Harding
Aug. 17, 1927

Donald Milton Carpenter married Doris Jean Hill

[Page Two -- Births; "Son Of"s on this page added
in pen at a later date]

Jesse G. Carpenter was Born Feb. 15th 1822

Sarah Carpenter Was Born Feb. 22nd 1825

D. Webster Carpenter Was Born Oct 24th 1852

James S. Carpenter Was Born Feby 19th 1855

John S. Carpenter Was Born June 8th 1856

Andrew Carpenter Was Born March 5th 1858

Orpha Ann Carpenter Was Born October 13th 1859

Elisha P. Carpenter Was Born June 23rd 1862

Bailey Underhill Carpenter
Son of D. Webster Carpenter
Born Aug 7, 1875

Milton Webster Carpenter
Son of Bailey Carpenter
Born Oct. 16, 1898

Eveleen Lois Carpenter
Born July 9, 1903

Donald Milton Carpenter
Born Sept. 16, 1931
Son of Milton Webster Carpenter

[Page Three -- Deaths]

James S. Carpenter Died July 6th 1855

Orpha Ann Carpenter Died November 5th 1864

Sarah Carpenter Died April 24th 1875

D. Webster Carpenter Died May 14th 1876

Andrew Carpenter Died February 22nd 1883

Jesse G. Carpenter Died Nov. 2nd 1899

Lottie W. Carpenter Died March 30th 1919

James Seymour Died June 21st 1854

John Seymour Died June 3rd 1855

Orpha Seymour Died Sept. 21st 1858

James Henry Seymour Died September 13th 1865

John S. Carpenter Died Aug 23, 1922

Elisha P. Carpenter Died Dec. 27, 1922

Bailey Underhill Carpenter Died Mon., May 23, 1932
age 56 yr 9 mo. 16 days

Carrie C. Carpenter died Jan 7, 1963 [1932 in a box next to
this entry]

---------------END TRANSCRIPT----------------