Claas Bible

This record was taken from
The Pennsylvania Genealogical Magazine.
Volume IV, Page 22. Volume IV, No. 1, March 1909.


"Taken from a Bible in the possession of Mrs. John Jacob Mohr, of
Phila. Translated from the German by the Hon. Samuel W. Pennypacker."

I Johannes Claas was born the 3d of May in the year
1709 and his wife Catharina was born the 6th of October
in the year 1709 and when I die I want my funeral text to
be the 51st Psalm * * * and my wife's funeral text is the
42d Psalm * * * she died the 17th of May 1773.

1764 on the 20th of March is my daughter Elizabeth
entered in the holy marriage state and was married with
Jacob Sch[illeg.] by Mr. preacher Michele.

Jost Lemmler at Holtzhausen has presented this in 1661.

Johannes Lemmler wrote this.

Jost. Lemmler out of Holtzhausen to whom this bible belonged
bequeathed it to Johann Siemon Dexter and by
Dexter was it bequeathed to his daughter Catharina wife of
Johannes Claass and now it is Johannes Claas' in the year
of Christ 1748 the 5th day of January. Happened in
Lower Drasselndorf (?) in Nassau, Dillenburg land in the
county Burbach in [illeg.] ground in 1748 and may the love
of God preserve it from all misfortune that it may henceforth
be planted among children's children from now to
everlasting, Amen.

Johann Simon Dexter died in the year of Christ 1745 and
my Johannes Claass' mother died in the year of Christ
1734 in October and her funeral text was written in the
prophet Nahum in the 1st chapter 7th and 8th verses.

1782 Johannes Peder Stahl is a son born 3d of July,
baptized 18th May 1783.