Clark Bible

This Bible record was transcribed from the
Genealogical Records
Manuscript Entries of Births, Deaths and Marriages, taken from
Family Bibles 1581-1917
, Edited by Jeannie F-J. Robison and
Henrietta C. Bartlett, The Colonial Dames of the State of New York,
New York, 1917, p 43-44.


Below this line is verbatim from source, with some minor formatting changes.


(Baptized 1681, died 1760.)

Holy Bible in English; London, Thomas Baskett and Robert Baskett, 1743.

Femmitje Clark was the wife of Alexander Clark who, from 1725 to 1760, lived
on the south side of Wall Street about where the present entrance to the New
York Stock Exchange is located. She was a daughter of Harmanus Van Borsum and
Wybrecht Hendricks, and was baptized in the Reformed Dutch Church in Brook-
lyn March 20, 1681, and died September 15, 1760. The Bible has descended in
direct line and is now the property of her great-great-great-great-grandson,
Henry Schieffelin Clark of New York City.

Famitie Clark Her Book 1750/51.
A New Years gift for my son John Clark.


John Clark Born September 15, 1749 Died January 5th 1807

Thomas Clark Born March 14 1752 Died March 3rd 1811

My mother Fete. Clark Dyed November 15, 1760.

Scot Lawrence Clark Born September the Sixt 1753 a Quarter Befoar one in the
afternoon. Died about the year 1797

Alexander Clark Born December 6, 1754 Between Ten and Eleaven at night.

December 7, 1756 David Clark Born December 7, 1756 Between three and fore (1)
In the morning.

Alexander Clarke married Famitie van Borsum Jany. 13th 1714. Famitie Clark
died November 15. 1760 and was buried from her House opposite the Presbyterian
Church in Wall Street. into the burying Ground of the old Dutch Church in
Garden Street agreeable to her request.

John Clark the Son of Famitie Died 1791/2 and was buried from the House in
Wall Street left him by his mother and interred in the Family Vault of Trinity
Church aged 60.

John Clark Junr. Born Sept. 15. 1749. died January 5th 1807

Thomas Clark Born March 14, 1752, died March 3, 1811

Scot Lawrence Clark, Born Sept 6, 1753, died 1797

Alexander Clark. Born Decr. 6, 1754

David Clark Born Decr. 7, 1756 died young.


Monday 1765 January 29 Day the Popel Went over the North River the Hole Day
Until Sunday being in all Seven Days,

1771 feby 9 The Wind Got Round at Nord West and Thair Continued almost 14 Days
and before being Verry Modret Weather as Ever Was Known Ise Bing Verry full in North
River Almost full.

This Bible being the Property of my Great Grand Mother whose name was Famitie
or Euphemia, was presented by her to my Grand Father Anno. Dom. 1750. Upon the
Death of my Grand Father 1792 it came into the possession of my Father, and
upon the death of my mother in the year of our Lord 1810 into my Possession,
being the eldest. John Clark, and I bequeath the same to Eldest son William
Newton Clark. I bequeath the same to my eldest son William N. Clark Junr. Wm.
N. Clark. Aug. 15th 1866. I bequeath it to my Son Henry Schieffelin Clark -
Wm. N. Clark 2nd.