Cleveland Books

Two books that belonged to my grandmother and she has entered
the births of her children, some marriage information and death

Sumitted February 1999 by;
Nita Ellen {Cleveland} Vincent
P.O. Box 71
Kettle Falls, Wa 99141
Phone; 509-738-2035

Whereabouts of the original book is unknown.

This transcript is taken from 17 pages of photocopies made
for me in 1998, by the Pease family of Bremerton, Washington.

Margaret Winnifred Keller was my grandmother she was born
February 14, 1871 in Actinolite,Hastings County, Ontario,
Canada. She married 1st. December 28,1888 John Charlan in
Madoc, Hastings County, Ontario Canada.
She married 2nd Feburary 07, 1898 William Warren Cleveland in
Rhinelander, Oneida County, Wisconsin.

Surnames in this file;
// Front Cover

My ladye's At Home Booke

// Page One

That "my Ladye Faire" may herein register
her at homes and other engagements.
This Book is the property of
Mrs. Minnie Cleveland
of Montesano, Wash

// Page two

"While I keep my senses, I shall
prefer nothing to a pleasant Friend".

Margaret Winifred Keller
John Charlan
Children {5}
William James Charlan born September 30, 1889
Winifred Charlan born July 26, 1891
Gerry Charlan born April 12, 1892 [twin]
Harry Charlan born April 12, 1892 [twin]
Alice Hagerty Charlan born May 15,1893
William and Alice May 10, 1915 [ this is the marriage date for William
Leech and Alice Hagerty Charlan]

// Page three

"We meet thee like a pleasant thought
when such are wanted"
Born to Mr & Mrs. Will Leech [William Leech and Alice Hagerty Charlan]
Son William George on
December 31,1921 at
Niagaria Falls N.Y.
Born February 2,1924 at Longview
Hotel Pacific Beach
Frederick W. Leech [s/o William Leech and Alice Hargerty Charlan]

// Page four
"I sing and the song is forever new
I'am glad that I live in the world with you".
Mary Charlotte Cleveland [d/o William Warren Cleveland & Margaret
Born March 14,1900 Winifred [Keller] Charlan Cleveland]
Christened may 14th by
Rev. Mr. Thomas of the
M.E.Church of the Chippaway
Reservation at Oneida, Wisconsin
Full blood Chippaway Indian

Married December 12,1919 at Raymond, Wash
to Jay A. Russell of Olympia, Wash

// Page five
"Let everyone go home and count
the gifts which he has"
Wilber Warren Cleveland Born August 21,1902 at Fravel, Wash
Grover Keller Cleveland Born February 19,1914 at Montesano,
Married August 4,1933 Bernice Chandler in Montesano, Washington
[marriage of Grover Cleveland]
Daughter born to Grover and Bernice August 4th 1935
Grover died January 8, 1936 [death date of Grover Keller Cleveland]

// Page six
"Why should I be frowned upon
and called unlucky"
George Frances Cleveland Born May 20, 1904 at Fravel, Washington
Married in Tocoma, Washington October 6, 1928 to
Katie E. Gertis 1000 West Blvd
Aberdeen, Wash

//Page seven
"At your warm fireside,
when the lamps are lighted
I'll have my place reserved among
the rest"
Lilla Clelia Winniefred Cleveland born July 26,1906 at Edmonds,
Washington, Snohomish, County
married March 20,1922 at Montesano
by Rev. Bates of the M&E Church
[married/William Fuccy Cutlip]

// Page eight
"Whose yesterdays look
backward with a smile"
Born Feburary 23,1908 in Edmonds,Wash
Ethel Dorthey Muriel Cleveland
Darling died January 26,1910
Wednesday at 2;30 in Montesano, Wash
Aged 1 year 11 months and 3 days

//Page nine

"High erected thoughts
seated in the heart of courtesy"
Charles J. Cleveland born June 22,1909 at Montesano, Wash Chehalis, Co

//Page ten

"A friend once won need never
be lost"
William LeRoy Cleveland born June 8, 1910 at Montesano, Wash Chehalis, Co
Died Monday July 3, 1911 3;30 at Montesano

//Page eleven

"I'am called away by particular business
but I leave my character behind me"
Montesano, Washington
Born September 19, 1911
Clarance Frederick Cleveland
at 12:45 noon

// Page twelve

"Out of the years bloom the eternities"

Born September 22,1912 in Montesano, Wash
Anna May Cleveland
Chehalis, County
Married August 23,1929 at Montesano by
Rev. Gregory _________ to Walter Kenneth McDougal
Stephen Alexander McDougal
Born January 21, 1933 at Aberdeen General Hospital 71/2 lbs
Jimmy Stephen McDougal born February 11,1923

//Page thirteen

"My face ia as fair as others
My suns shine as warm"
William John Cleveland
Born in McNaughton, Wisconsin
Feburary 23, 1893 [s/o William Warren Cleveland and 1st wife Lilla
Ellen Nixon]
[Lilla Ellen Nixon and Margaret Winifred Keller
Charlan Cleveland were 1st cousins]

//Page fourteen

"If I so Vow a friendship,I'll
perform it to the last article"

Margarett Winnie Fred Keller
Born Feburary 14,1867 at Bridgewater, Ontario
County of Elziver [correct date of birth is Feburary 14,1871 in
Actinolite, Hastings County, Ontario Canada.
birth certificate]
Came to the United States 1895. Married William Warren Cleveland
Feburary 7, 1897 in Rhinelander, Wisconsin
[correct date for marriage is February 7,1898
marriage certificate]

//Page fifteen

"To God, thy county,and thy friend
be true"
Born in Blineham Ontario
April 28, 1863
William Warren Cleveland [ correct date April 28, 1864 Buckhorn, Kent
County, Ontario, Canada
church records - Reformed LDS church]
Married Feburary 7,1897
Mrs. Margaret Charlan at
Rhinelander, Wisconsin [correct marriage date February 7,1898
marriage certificate]
Died in Cosmoplis,Washington
February 16,1928
Buried at Montesano
February 22, 1928 [William Warren Cleveland]

//page sixteen

"You may break, you may shatter the
vase, if you will
But the scent of the roses will hang
around it still".

Born to Mr.& Mrs. F.W. Cutlip
Tuesday September 27,1923
William Fuccy Cutlip at
PeEll, Washington
Christened on Easter Sunday
by Rev. Green at Aberdeen
Jerry Kile Cutlip born
January 31, 1928 at PeEll
Born at PeEll
July 1,1932
Calvin Ivedore Cutlip
weigh 7 1/2 lbs
[Children of Lilla Clelia Winniefred Cleveland & William Fuccy Cutlip]

//Page seventeen [back of book]

Born to Mrs. W.F. Cutlip
a daughter 7lbs 1/2 ounce
August 4,1937
Lourena Colleen Cutlip

Born to Mrs. W.F. Cutlip
November 3,1941 a daughter
6 1/2 lbs
name Mary Anna Margarette Cutlip
[ children of Lilla Clelia Winniefred Cleveland & William Fuccy Cutlip]

Wilber Warren Cleveland
Miss Mable McKinnon
married November 15, 1931
at Salem, Oregon