Cook Bible

The Holy Bible Containing the Old and New
Testaments. New York, American Bible Society,

I am placing the location of these families in
Seneca, NY, based on the newspaper obituary
referencing "Fayette", "Canoga" and "Seneca Falls".

This Bible is currently in the possession of Tracy St. Claire
of .


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[Page One -- Inside Front Cover]

Henry Cook Died Dec the 23

[Page Two -- Flyleaf]

Mifs Christina Cook Died March 30th 1866

James M. Cook Died Dec 22 1869

[Page Three -- Births]

Jacob Cook born Sept. 28th 1797

Mary Cook born July 11th 1797

David Lautenschlager Born June 21st 1815

Catherine Lautenschlager Born July 12 1825

Charles M. Lautenschlager Born Dec. 25.

Mary F. Lautenschlager

[Page Four -- Deaths]

Jacob Cook Died Apr 19th /78

Mary T. McDuffie Died Jan 25th 1895
Buried " 29th

David Lautenschlager Died Nov 25th 1899
Buried 28th

Catherine Lautenschlager Died June 29th, 1914
Buried Jul 2, 1914

Charles M. Lautenschlager Died May 28, 1917
Buried May 31 1917

[Other -- Obituary]

Mrs. David Lautenschlager

Seneca Falls, July 1-- The funeral of the late
Mrs. David Lautenschlager, who died at the home
of her son, Charles, in the town of Fayette, on
Monday evening, will be held at that place,
Thursday afternnon at 1 o'clock, the Rev. W. Jacks
of Geneva officiating. Interment will be at Canoga.

The deceased was 88 years old, and is survived
by her son, one grandson, Leroy McDuffie, of
Waterloo, and one granddaughter, Deila McDuffie,
of this village.

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