Cook Bible

This Bible was submitted by Maryann Cook Gunn .

I learned of this Bible on the Cook Family Forum by a note from Tara Hawkins. It was for sale on ebay.
It was published by Hartford, and printed by Hudson and Co. in 1816. The Bible is now owned by me,
Maryann Cook Gunn. The family lived in Hanover, Morris County, New Jersey.

It contained a cut out newspaper obit of William Coddington, aged 63 years.

"Coddington-at San Francisco, Cal., on Jan. 4th, 1874. Funeral services will be
held at the residence of his sister, Mrs. Eliza Stenson, no. 170 Belleville Ave., on Friday, March 27,
at 8 o'clock, A.M. The remains will be conveyed to Hanover, Morris County, N.J., for interment."

I figured out who Mary Warner was. Her maiden name is Coddington. She is the niece of Sally Cook, who owned the bible, through her sister Phebe Cook, who married Millard Coddington. Polly Green is the sister of Sally Cook. Phebe is spelled as written.



[On the front page of the Bible, it reads]

sally Cook, her book

[Between the Old and New Testaments]

Mabel Cook departs this life Feburary 25th, 1817 aged 59 years 9 days. [maiden name-Johnson]

Sally Cook died Thursday May 10, 1855

Polly Green died Sept. 17, 1854

Jacob Green died June 18, 1854 Sunday

Samuel Cook died December 30, 1861

Elizabeth Cook died Jan. 1, 1874 [these two are husband and wife, Mabel is Samuel's mother]

Sarah Coddington died June 28, 1871

Mary Warner died Dec, 1872

Wm. Coddington died Jan. 4, 1874. [the Coddingtons were connected to the family through the marriage of Samuel's sister, Phebe and Millard Coddington.]

[Also, on the last page, there is a short paragraph. It reads (to the best of my ability to read it)]

Thus far the Lord God led me on
Thus for his power prolong my day
and every evening shall make known
Love fresh memorial of his grace.

Jan. 6, 1816