Cooper Bible

This Bible record was published in Fragmenta Genealogica, Frederick Arthur Crisp,
Volume 10, privately printed, 1904, p. 35.


Below this line, verbatim from source, with some minor formatting.


Cooper Family.

Hunter, son of Hunter and Ester Cooper of Trimley, Suffolk, Born
May 6th 1741.
Hunter, son of Hunter & Sarah Cooper of Writtle, Essex, Born
September 28th 1765.
Sarah, Daughter of of Hunter & Sarah Cooper Born March 9th 1767.
Margaret Elizabeth, Daughter of Hunter and Frances Cooper of Sandon,
Essex, Born July 18th 1795.
Frances Sarah Born September 6th 1796. Died Jany 8th 1799.
Martha Born September 23rd 1797.
Hunter William Born February 25th 1799.
Robert Thomas Born June 22d 1800.
Frances Sarah Born october 17th 1801. Died Decmber 29, 1801.
Jane Born october 19th 1804.
Anna Maria born Sepr 2d 1806.
Louisa Frances Born July 16th 1808.

From a folio Bible with Apocrypha, "Printed in the Year
MDCCVIII"; in my possession. -- F.A.C.