Curl Bible

This Bible was submitted by Patrick Walker. The Bible is in his possession.

"Attached are images from the Bible of Norman Curl b. 7/16/1844 & Margaret
Goudy b. 9/29/1848 and their siblings & offspring. The Bible was passed to me
by my father Howard Emerson Walker b. 5/1/1916 d. 12/22/1976.

The Bible is in my possession and I will gladly share info and/or images with
anyone interested in receiving and/or exchanging family information.

Patrick Walker" 02/24/02



Page 1

Marriage of:
Norman Curl & Susannah Goodfellow
Benjamin Curl
Margaret Gowdy
John Goodfellow
Mary Gilchrist (Goodfellow)

Page 2

Births of:
Edmund Irving Curl
Margaret Anna Curl
David John Curl
Lily May Curl
William Norman Curl
Elizabeth Ellen Curl
Robert Rolland Curl
Dorothy Lauretta Curl
John Norman Lewis
Howard Emerson Walker
Charles Norman Walker
Earl Walker

Page 3
Marriages of:
Norman Curl & Susannah Goodfellow
Margaret Anna Curl & William T Hotten
William Norman Curl & Ruby Nerbovig Lee
Dorothy Lauretta Curl & Ress Beatty Walker
Lily May Curl & John Lewis

Page 4

Deaths of:
Edmund Irving Curl
Davis John Curl
William Henry Curl
Andrew Ross Curl
Elizabeth Ellen Curl
Robert Rolland Curl
Margaret Anna Curl
Earl Walker
Susannah Curl
Dorothy Lauretta Walker