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2 Feb 2000
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[NOTE: James Valentine Curlin, son of William Hugh Curlin and Caroline A. Miles, was born 22 May 1850 in Madison County, Tennessee. He married Sarah Ann Dickens on 22 February 1882 in Madison? County, Tennessee.]


This is a Family Record from a leaflet of my father's Bible. The only thing left of his Bible as far as I can find.
Bertha V. Curlin


Caroline A. Curlin was born May 19?, 1820.

John Thomas Curlin was born 15th day of April 1843.

William Henry Curlin was born the 7th day of July 1844.

Isaac Washington Curlin was born the 2nd day of January 1846.

Dolly Frances Curlin was born the 15th day of February 1847.

William Hugh Curlin my grandfather , son of John Curlin and his wife, Dolly, was born the 5th day of February 1820.

Caroline A. Miles Curlin, wife of William Curlin was born May 19th, 1820. (Mother of my father - my grandmother)

Benjamin Frank Curlin, son of William Curlin and Caroline his wife was born April 19th, (1841 or 1848) I can't make out the date as my father's record is old & the pages & writing not too clear) It must be 1849)

James V. (Valentine) Curlin (my father) was born 22nd day of May 1850.

Virginia Pearialee Curlin was born the 17th day of April 1852. (I was names (Virginia) after her.

George Day Curlin was born the 12th day of November 1853



William Curlin and Caroline A. Miles were married the 27th day of July, 1842

Benjamin Frank Curlin and Dolly F. Yalverton were married the 12th day of July 1865

James Valentine Curlin and Sarah Ann Dickens were married the 22nd day of February 1882.



William Henry Curlin, son of William Curlin and Caroline his wife, departed this life the 14th day of April 1847.

Dolly Frances, daughter of William Curlin and Caroline his wife, departed this life the 4th day of March 1847.

John Curlin departed this life the 3rd day of July 1858.

Dolly Curlin, his wife departed this life May 30th, 1869.

Caroline A. Curlin departed this life August 13th, 1881 or 1887. (I could not tell from the date, I believe it is 1881. (This was my father's mother)

George Day Curlin departed this life May 18th, 1878

James Valentine Curlin died January 26th, 1917 (my father)

Date of Transcription: 27 Feb 1997 KCW
Location of Transcription: Cary, NC
[Note: This transcription was taken from 3 handwritten pages from Bertha Virginia Curlin. She had taken the notes from the family bible belonging to her father, James Valentine Curlin who was a son of William Hugh Curlin, son of John and Dolley Curlin. The notes were transcribed verbatim. Notes in () are made by Bertha Virginia Curlin. This bible is in possession of ?? of ?? - Kim Curlin Wettroth]