DePew Bible

These pages were separated from the Bible, so the
date of the Bible is unknown. It was acquired from a
man in New York who saved the genealogical information
from Bibles that were being thrown away.

It appears from the clippings that this family was from
New York.

Transcribed by and in the possession of Tracy St. Claire,


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[Page One -- Marriages]

Peter DePew and Eleanor Brundage Married March 25th 1840

Alice A. DePew & S.L. Retan June 26th 1867

Eugenia I Depew & L.D. Layton March 24th 1868

B.R. Depew Bethia Covil Dec 23rd 1869

Edna E. Depew Adsit Bailey March 9th 1872

Petronella J. Depew James Scoville July 23 1890

Ludia G. Depew G.H. Guinnip Nov 11 1873

[Page Two -- Births]

Peter DePew Nov 15th 1813

Eleanor Brundage Nov 3d 1820

Edna Ellen DePew Jan 30th 1841

Eugenia Idell DePew Nov 30th 1842

Alice Angelia DePew Oct 26th 1844

Benjamin Romano DePew Sep 15th 1846

Petronella Josephine DePew Apr 13th 1849

Abram Rinaldo DePew Aug 19th 1851

Ludia Gertrude DePew Sep 14th 1853

Jessie E. Guinnip July 28th 1875

Parley Guinnip Aug 31st 1879

Died Petronella J. Scoville Feb 13, 1922

L.D. Layton May 21 1924

E.J. Layton Nov 16 1924

Rev. James Scoville Died July 24 1931 age 84

[Page Three -- Deaths]

Peter DePew Died Nov 6th 1860 Aged 48 years
11 months & 5 days

Luda G. Guinnip Died Jan 11th 1885

Jessie E. Guinnip Died Dec 25th 1894

Eugenia I. Layton Nov 16 1924

Eleanor Brundage DePew Died May 20th 1900

Adril Bailey Jan 15, 1911

Parley T. Guinnip Died Aug 1904

S.L. Retan Dec 5 1917

Bethia Covell Depew Dec Dec [sic] 21 1918

Alice Depew Retan Jan 16, 1922

Mildred Falls Depew June 23, 1925

A.R. Depew Nov 6 1920

[Ephemera -- scanned along with this is the
reverse of one obituary. It has a train schedule
that might pinpoint the location of this family]

A piece of paper that reads
"Eleanor Brundage Born Nov 3d 1820"
It looks like it once accompanied a photo case.

A clipping with an image of an eagle.
Printed on it "Old Abe, the Wisconsin

Obituary of Jessie Guinnip (two identical copies)

"The unexpected death of Miss Jessie
Guinnip, at the residence of T.A. Hamilton,
on Tuesday night, at about eleven
o'clock, fell like a pall upon the festivities
of Christmas day. She was one of a large
number of young people invited to share
the hospitalities of the Young Ladies'
Cooking Club, with the Misses Hamilton.
Of frail constitution and not in her usual
spirits, she had gone early, to be rested,
that she might enjoy the evening. In the
evening she was siezed [sic] with violent
coughing, which increased in severity, and
finally ended in death, shortly after eleven
o'clock, of tuburcular phthisic.

Everything possible was done for her comfort,
and during all the hours of suffering she
insisted that the pleasures should proceed,
as they did not disturb her, and that she soon
would be better. Dr. Alden was summoned, but
he could do nothing to check the progress of
the malady which was rapidly sapping her life.
Her grandmother, Mrs, Eleanor Depew, with whom
she had resided for many years, was summoned,
but the message came too late, her spirit
having taken its flight but a few moments
before she reached her side. To her the shock
is great. Since the death of the mother, many
years ago, it had seemed the good pleasure of
this aged grandmother to minister to the every
want of the delicate child, and it was a great
sorrow that she was not permitted to be present
to cheer and comfort her during death's hour.

It was a sad compant which had so suddenly
been turned from mirth and happiness to mourning,
and the grief if many of the most intimate
friends of the young woman was well-nigh
inconsolable--that that they could not have sooner
known the serious nature of the attack.

Miss Guinnip was nineteen years old in July last.
Her mother died in this place ten years ago next
month. Her father, Prof. G. H. Guinnip, was for
many years a teacher in this place, and has been
the principal of Cohocton Union school for some
time. She also leaves a brother, Parley, to mourn
her untimely death.

Her life, while under a heavy cloud, from bodily
infirmities, had been a happy one. She was possesed
[sic] of those kindly affectionate qualities which
drew many friends to her. She was a bright,
intellectual scholar, and early displayed an aptitude
for learning; but alas this, too, she was obligated
to abandon ere she had fairly started.

She was a member of the Presbyterian Church of this
village, and was faithful and constant in her
attendance to the last.

The funeral will be held at the home on Friday, at
11 a.m., and the body will be laid to rest in
Elmwood Cemetary.

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