Depp Bible

Attached is a transcription of the genealogical material in an antique
family bible which is owned by a friend. As the information has no bearing
on his own family, we wanted it to be preserved at a site where it would be
accessible to family researchers. [He first brought this bible to my
attention, thinking it might have a connection to our ancestral
family--which, unfortunately, it does not.]

Thank you for the service you provide.
--Carolyn Depp

Family Bible: bought in Southern California estate sale by Mrs. Haglund "several
years ago". Now in possession of her son Wayne Haglund, 4059 Mayfield, Newbury
Park, CA 91320.


Loose paper in Bible:

Oct 10th, 1924 - Rev. Frank Dyer
James Breisins (?) ADAMS
Birginia Warwick DEPP
at Los Angeles, California

Edward Allen ADAMS
Rachel ADAMS
at Patterson, New Jersey

John Henry DEPP
Ida Simpson DEPP
at St. Louis, Missouri

Actual Bible Pages - data recorded between Old and New Testament sections


Jno. Henry DEPP, of St. Louis, MO - son of Dr. H.E. and Elizabeth DEPP of Sedalia, MO.,
Formerly of Glasgow, KY
Ida SIMPSON of St. Louis, MO - daughter of Maj. Samuel M. and Sallie M. SIMPSON of
St. Louis, MO, formerly of Richmond, VA.
Married Wednesday, Dec 10th, 1884 at St. Louis, Missouri
* * *

Jno. Wm. SELLER to Olivia May DEPP
Monday, Oct 19th, 1914 at Santa Anna, Orange Co., California

James Breisines ADAMS to Virginia Warwick DEPP
Friday, Oct 10th, 1924 at Los Angeles, California


Samuel Simpson DEPP, son of Jno. Henry and Ida DEPP born Friday, Oct. 2nd 1885

Olivia May DEPP, daughter of Jno. Henry and Ida DEPP born Monday March 19th, 1888

Virginia Warwick DEPP, daughter of Jno. Henry and Ida DEPP, born Thuesday, August
26th, 1902.

Samuel Simpson DEPP, son of Jno. Henry and Ida DEPP departed this life Thursday, January
3rd, 1901 at Kirkwood, MO.

Bible itself is called "The Parallel Bible" [The Holy Bible, containing the Authorized and
Revised Versions of the Old and New Testaments arranged in parallel columns]. Published St.
Louis, MO by People's Publishing House, 1889.