Dewalt Family Records

This family record is a good example of Fraktur script done by professional scriveners for Bible's in the mid-19th century, mostly in Pennsylvania and other areas with heavy German populations. This was signed by A. Schwan. It may have been a practice piece for an inscription in a book -- it is the first piece I have seen on loose paper, especially lined loose paper.

The LDS site has this marriage occuring in Crawford, Scioto County, Ohio.

Transcribed by and in possession of Tracy St. Claire, .



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Births Deaths

Richerd Dewalt. born September .18 Died May 28. 18
Cate Miller. born February 24. 1852 Died June 30-1925

Married December 28. 1871.

Sarah. C. Dewalt. born January 19. 1873 - 1908
Isabell Dewalt . born June 16. 1876 -

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[Has illustration of a hand with a flower]

Remember me
A. Schwan

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[Has an illustration of a flower]

Daniel Henry Miller
Born May the 25. 1869.