Dowden Bible

This Bible was submitted by
Thomas Dowden.

Transcribed by Thomas C. (TC) Dowden, GR-GR-GR-Grandson of Zephaniah Dowden. Spelling and grammar left as written. Bible in the possession of Richard Leon DOWDEN, Columbus, OH


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Zephaniah Dowden was bornd October the 24 - 1809
Betsey Dowden was bornd February 16th - 1809
Zephaniah and his wife Betsey Dowden was married the August 19th - 1830
Jefse C. Lucas borne Augt. 19th 1815
Myrtle Lamb died Aug.7 - 1937 Sat night 9:45
lieouize Chambers was bornd January the 3rd 1833
Emmit died 29 th Sept. 1937
William H. Dowden died December 8th in the year of 1909
Jesse L. Dowden died June 28th in the year of 1909
John C Dowden was bornd May 14 - 1809
Thomas Dowden was bornd August the 18th day 1834
Elizabeth Dowden died August the 30th day 1834
Thomas Dowden died September the 7th day 1834
November 18th 1836 [Scratched out]
John C Dowden died November this 12th day 1836
Robert H Dowden was November the [all scratched out]
Lucy An Dowden was born Dec 10 1814.
Robert H Dowden was bornd December the 15th day 1837.
Jesse L. Dowden was bornd July the 17th day 1841 died June 26 1908.
William H Dowden was bornd July this the 28th day 1843.
January the day 22 of 1837 Zephaniah Dowden and Lucy Ann Lucas was married January the 22nd 1837.
Sarah Janin Dowden was bornd 23 day of February in the yere of our lourd 1839.
Benjamin Franklin Dowden died Feb 27 1938 on our anniversary ... son of Jesse L. Dowden.
Zephaniah Dowden deceaced Dec 28th AD 1844.
Doris Green Scott deceded January the 31 1868.
Lucy An Dowden Died May 8 - 1900.
Sarah Jane Dowden died November the 29th - 1914 Age 75 years 7 months, and six days.

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