DuBois Bible

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Handwritten entries photocopied from large volume entitled The Life of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ by Rev. Robert Fleetwood, Martin & Johnson, Publishers. 27 Beekman St., NY, undated. Book marked to "Mary DuBois." Entries believed to be written by Mary Brown (Orsor) DuBois (1821 - 1914). Relates to DuBois family of Manhattan and Queens, NY.

Births [children of Mary Brown (Orsor) and Stephen DuBois - portions illegible]:

Graham B. Dubois born Aug [Jan'y?] 30th 1841
George S. Dubois born Nov. 25th 1842
Stephen H. Dubois born July 9th 1845
Mary Susan Dubois May 14th [19th ?] 184[8?]
Theodore Besson Dubois May 29 [23?] 1851
Samuel D[ornan? Donald? Name uncertain] Dubois born July 11, 1853
[Note: date is likely actually 1852, given dates on his tombstone at Hawthorne, NY Reformed Church Cemetery and date of his sister Rachel's birth]
Rachel A Dubois Born June 15th 1853
Effie V. Dubois Born July 9th 18[illegible - probably 1855]
Amanda L. Dubois born Sept. 17th 1858
Ellmer E. Dubois July 2d 1861


Theodore B. Dubois Died May 23rd 1853
Rachel A. Dubois Died June 15, 1853
Ellmer E. Dubois Died May 6, 1864
Stephen S. Stuart Died May 28 1886


In the year of our Lord 1839 Stephen S. Dubois To Mary B. Orsor

NOTES ON BIBLE ENTRIES: Research reveals that Stephen [Sherwood] DuBois, (c. 1817 - 1899, son of John and Caty DuBois) and Mary Brown (Orsor) DuBois (1821 - 1914, daughter of John and Susan (Brown) Orsor) resided in Manhattan and in Flushing, Queens, NYC. Stephen S. DuBois was a coach painter and carriage maker, presumably involved in the operation of a horse racetrack located in Manhattan in the 1860's. Stephen and Mary's daughter Mary Susan DuBois married Richard Hill and resided in Flushing; Stephen and Mary's daughter Effie V. DuBois married Walter Stuart and resided in Brooklyn (their son, Stephen S. Stuart's death is noted here); Stephen and Mary's daughter Amanda [Livingston] DuBois married Frank Chace and resided in Fall River, MA; Stephen and Mary's son George DuBois was living in Boston in 1914. Stephen S. and Mary Brown (Orsor) DuBois are buried at the Hawthorne Reformed Church Cemetery in Hawthorne (Westchester County), NY, as are a number of their children.