Dunbar Bible

The Holy Bible Containing the Old and New Testaments,
Brattleboro Bible Co., Brattleboro (VT), 1832.
Hills #774.

This Bible was acquired at auction.

This Bible is currently in possession of Tracy St. Claire,
. tracy@stclaire.org


---------------TRANSCRIPT STARTS-------------------

[Page One -- First Internal Page. Note that the
letters from top to bottom spell Samuel Gove, and are
drawn in fancy calligraphy. Someone took some time
with this.]

Search me and know my heart O Lord
Attend to may I this, Thy sacred Word
My Thoughts, O may they soar on high
Up to Thy Throne, above the Sky
Endlefs joys and eternal days
Let me enjoy, I humbly pray
Go like pilgrim, while I have breath
On in life, till I sleep in Death.
Vain are all things here below
Enchanting yet no joy bestow
In this sacred volume of eternal truth, Life
and death are plainly set before you, choose ye
the way to the pure regions of blifs, the bright realms
of everlasting life and light made so plain that the
wayfaring man tho a fool need not err, tis nothing but, to
Believe and take the promifs rest, obey and be forever Blest.

[Page Two -- Reverse of OT title page]

This Book was presented to George Dunbar by his granmother

[Page Three -- Marriages]

James Dunbar and Lavinia M. Gove were married
by Dr. Alfred Ely Morison April 12th 1840

[Page Four -- Births]

James R. Dunbar born Aug 28th 1815

Lavinia M. Dunbar May 30th 1814

John Alfred Dunbar Oct. 23rd 1841

George Gove Dunbar July 25th 1843

Jane Lavinia Dunbar Sept. 16th 1845

Ellen Adelaide Dunbar May 10th 1849

[Page Five -- Deaths]

Samuel Gove Died Dec 11th 1845 aged 66 years

Sarah Gove -- Dec. 22 1856 -- 69 years

Alfred Gove 1st Died Jan 12th 1817 aged 10 months

Alfred S. Gove 2nd Died March 19th 1852 aged 34 yrs

James R. Dunbar Died July 13th 1853 aged 38 years

John Alfred Dunbar Died Sep 1st 1842 -- 10 months

Ellen Adelaide Dunbar Died Aug 11th 1849 -- 3 months

Lavinia M. Dunbar Died May 1 1858 A 43 years

------------------END TRANSCRIPT-----------------