Dutton Bible

This bible was up for auction on eBay in February 2003. The seller gave permission for photographs and transcriptions to be posted to this site.

This family was from New York state, according to various Internet sources [TSC].
Transcribed by Tara Hawkins.



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Family Record
Calvin Dutton married Nov. 11th 1834
Mehetable Rogers married Nov. 11th 1834
Wells C. Sparks married June 3d 1863
Louisa N. Dutton married June 3d 1863
Irving Sparks married Dec 20th 1893
Hattie A. Sparks married Nov. 14th 1910
Gladys Sparks married Aug 1929
Hattie Bolt-Sparks married Dec 2nd 1938


Calvin Dutton Born Feb 14th 180?
Mehetable E. Rogers Born Aug 25th 1810
Louisa N. Dutton Born Sept 27th 1841
Wells C. Sparks Born Feb 7th 1841
Irving Sparks Born Aug 28th 186?
Hattie A. Sparks Born May 9th 1877?
Gladys E. Sparks Born Sept 29th 1882?
Bruce I. Sparks Born March 31 1903?
[different handwriting for next set of names, added at a later date]
Eleanor Louise Bolt Born Nov. 25th 1913
Dalia Nichols Born Feb 14th 1863
Elijah Rogers Born Sept. 13th 1785
Hannah Rogers Born Sept. 13th 1781
Wm E. Rogers Born Apr 9th 1809
Josiah B. Rogers Born Apr 30th 1813
Matthew Rogers Born Mch 8th 1818


Calvin Dutton Died Aug 5th 1894
Mehetable E. Dutton Died Sept 4th 1894
Louisa N. Sparks Died Dec 25th 1921
Wells C. Sparks Died Jan 14th 1902(?)
Adelia Sparks Died June 16th 1937