Fargher Bible


Fargher Family Bible

Submitted Jun 14, 1997 by:
Karen Woodward
8004 44th Ave. S. W.
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The information is taken from the original Bible which is still in the possession
of the decendants of Thomas Cannell Fargher. Thomas Cannell Fargher was my
husband's gggrandfather. I don't know where the Kerruish connection comes in,
we have no other record of it in the family.

Here's a correction before you start on the Bible entry. I found an earlier note on
the Family and believe the missing letters after Ballafayle are, Maughold. I'm still
not sure of the Sites spelling or meaning but that's what it looks like.
Everything else is as it appears in the Bible.

Surnames in this record:

[ The Bible was published in London in 1814.]

Thomas Cannell Fargher his hand
Ballafayle --------hold Siles?
isle of man june 11th 1832 aged 12 years

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Thomas Cannell Fargher was born the eleventh of
June 1820 and Chrisend the twentyeth of August 18--
Sponsers Thos Fargher & Robt Fargher
& Margaret Collisder & Margaret Fargher
Isaballa Margaret Fargher Born May 5th~ 1822
Judith Christian Fargher Born October 29th~ 1824
John Fargher was born Jan. 6th-1827-

[ last page of the Bible, upside down and in different handwriting]
Robt. C. Kerruish Born 10th October 1877
Thos. E. Kerruish 187-
Sussanna M. Kerruish
James W. Kerruish