Flesher Bible


Frederick Lemon Flesher Family Bible

Submitted November 1997 by:
Janet King Bower
14425 116th Ave Court East
Puyallup, WA 98374-3502
E-Mail: JKB@nwlink.com

Original Frederick Lemon Flesher Bible 1997 In possession of Barbara Flesher Rewis, 213 Suzanne Drive,
Sheveport, LA 71115-2619.

(Photocopies of the bible pages, and photocopies of pictures of both Barbara and Janet with the bible were included
with the perfectly typed transcript of the bible pages. The following typed version of their work is, I hope, accurate...
but lacks the beautiful formatting of their version. AJB)

Surnames in Bible:

Holy Bible
Old and New Testament
together with
The Apocrypha


Married on the 15 of December A.D. 1842 Frederick L. Flesher to Harriet A. Denham.

Married on the 13.. of July A. D. 1854.. Frederick L. Flesher to Almyra Ann Lemon.

Married on the 28th Dec 1871 Abbott G. Flesher to Sarah Jolly.

Elias Blanchard to Sarah E. Flesher Married Jan. 1st - 1863.

Married June 26th 1873 Henry M. Sherman to Clara F. Flesher.

Married April 29, 1890 Willis Atkinson to Rosa E. Flesher.

Married January the 4th 1887. F. W. Flesher to Ollie M. Smith.


Frederick L. Flesher Was born Dec.. the 6.. A. D. 1821.

Harriet A. Denham Was born July.. the 21.. A. D. 1824

Sarah E. Flesher Was born Oct.. The 7.. A. D. 1843.

Abbott G. Flesher Was born Aug.. The 27.. A. D. 1846.

John D. Flesher Was born May the 30.. A. D. 1849.

Harriet.. An. Flesher Was born May the 13.. A. D. 1853.

Frances C. Flesher Was Born June the 15.. A. D. 1856.

Idea L. Flesher Was Born Aprile the 23rd.. A. D. 1858.

Thomas J. Lemon Born June the 6th 1801.


Ugene. Willard Flesher Was Born In the year of our Lord. One thousand Eight Hundred And Sixty May the 2.

Elmer Ellsworth Flesher was Born In the year of our Lord one thousand Eight Hundred And Sixty Two. Augst. 31st.

Thomas Jefferson Lemons Flesher Was Born in the year of our Lord one Thousand and Eight Hundred And Sixty
Four. Sept. 25th

Coorad Flesher Was born In the year of our Lord one thousand Eight Hundred And 66 Nov. 7th.

Almyra An. Lemons was Born In the year of Our Lord one thousand Eight Hundred And Thirty Nine August 19th.

Laura L. Flesher Was Borne November 16th In the year of our Lord 1868.

George P. Flesher was born May 26th 1871.

Maybelle Flesher was born Dec. 8th 1873.


John D. Flesher Died July the 18.. A. D. 1851.

Harriet An. Flesher Died May the 18.. A. D. 1854.

Harriet An. Flesher Died August the 11 A. D. 1858.

Coonrod Flesher was Born in the year of our Lord 1780 And Died XXXXXX
December the 11.. 1866 At the Age of 86 years And 4 Days.

Ida L. Flesher Died October the 6th A. D. 1870.

Susan Ann Lemon Died 13th May 1872 Aged 66 years 7 months and 16 days.

Rosa Flesher Died Oct 22 1895 Aged 15 Years 5 months & 6 days.

Fred Flesher died April 18, 1900 Aged 23 years 3 mos & 11 days.

Almyra Ann Flesher Died April 26th 1906 66 years 8 months and 7 days.

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F. L. Flesher Junr. was Born in the year of our Lord 1876 Jan 7th.

Rosetta Flesher was Born in the year of our Lord 1879 May 28th.

F. L. Flesher Died August 9th 1911 age 89 years 8 month and 3 days.

[Bible also contained a note that Fred L. Flesher was Married to Gertie McCOY]