Folts Bible

This bible was purchased at auction. It was
transcribed by and is in the possession of Tracy
St. Claire, .

Bible was published by H. and E. Phinney,
Cooperstown, N. Y., 1845. It is in poor shape,
with many pages falling out, and has been
sloppily rebound in the distant past.

There are four different handwritings, and the
misspellings are in the original.


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[Page One, Marriages]

Mr. Benjamin and Barbary Folts was maried
March the 2 1828

Benjamin Folts was Born on August the 23 1807 [? blurred]

Benjamin and Lucinda Folts wer marred March the
27 1872

[Page Two, Births]

William J. Folts was born September the 11 1829

Katharine Folts was born April the 5 1832

Mary Ann Folts was born January the 8 1834

Malissa Folts was born December the 4 1836

Fany Folts was born June the 27 1841

Harvy Folts was born April the 13 1845

Eliza Folts was born November the 4 1847

[Page Three, Deaths]

Malissa Folts Died March the 11 1841

William Jack Folts Died August th 31 1851

Harvy Folts Died September th 3 1851

Fanny Folts Died September 29 1863

[Page Four, Births]

Henry Folts was Born October the 22 1873

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