Freas Bible

This Bible is currently in possession of Jim Culbert
(, who graciously digitized these
records and made them available. The Freas family in
this Bible is related to that in the Hill Bible at
the site.


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[Page One -- Marriages]

Amelia Gearhart Messenger and Henry L Freas
February 17th 1859 at Berwick, Col. Co., Pa.

Elizabeth LeG. Newton and Harry L. Freas
March 6th 1901 at Carbondale, Pa.

Bessie Viola Freas and Clarence James Capwell
February 10th 1904 at Jermyn, Lacha Co., Pa.

[Pages Two and Three, Family Record]
[Name/Birthplace/Date Birth/Date Marriage/Date Death]

Frank Dudley Freas/Hazleton, Pa./March 21st 1868/May 5th 1889/December 27, 1938
Mary Agnes Freas/Philadelphia, Pa./February 18th, 1870/May 5th 1889/6 July 1949
Frank Henry Freas/Philadelphia, Pa./November 25th 1889/Premature Baby/February 18 1890
Agnes Amelia Freas/Philadelphia, Pa./June 22 1891/June 30, 1915/9 Aug 1978
Lois Gearhart Freas/Dunmore, Pa./February 21st 1896/October 20, 1919/24 Oct 1967
Bessie Viola Freas/Jermyn, Pa./July 9th, 1899/September 17, 1927/4 Jun 1972
Henry Leigh Freas/Jermyn, Pa./May 4th 1901/25 Oct 1930/31 Jan 1957
Jennie K. Freas/Jermyn, Pa./August 23rd, 1904/ -- /31 Aug 1997
Thomas Hale Keiser, Jr./Wilkes Barre, Pa./August 24th, 1919/ -- /1 Dec 1996
Betty Jane Stahl/Scranton, Pa./January 7, 1921/ 30 May 1946/21 Jul 1997
Mary Lois Keiser/Wilkes Barre, Pa./March 4 1926/27 Sep 1947/
Nancy Jane Waters/Carbondale, Pa./May 16, 1938/19 Mar 1960/

[Page Four, Memorandum]

Henry L. Freas, M.D. March 18th 1897
Elizabeth Newton Freas, April 1st 1901
Amelia M. Freas, November 28th 1904

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