Freeman Bible

Hitchcock's New and Complete Analysis of the Holy Bible.
The title page is gone from this Bible study, but versions
were published in the very late 1860's and early 1870's.

This Bible was transcribed by and is currently in the
possession of Tracy St. Claire of .


TRANSCRIPT BEGINS HERE____________________

[Page One -- Births]

Jay W. Freeman was borned May the 3rd day 1858.

G. C. Freeman his wife was borned Apr 27th 1865

James Micheal Joseph Jerome Freeman the First borned, was
borned Vov 2nd 1881

Ira Evan Freeman the second borned was borned June the
16th 1884

[Page Two -- Births]

Gather Whitington Freeman the 3d borned was borned
Aug the 7th 1887

Ethel Estelle Freeman 4th borned was borned August
18th 1889

Roy Leonidas Freeman was borned September 18th

Alta Jay Freeman was borned June 29th day 1897

Infant Boy was borned March 27 1899 and only
lived two hours

Amos Powell Freeman was born May 25th 1900

[Page Three -- Marriages]

Jay W. Freeman was married to L. [??] E.
Garrew January the 20th day 1881

[Page Four -- Marriages]

J. C. Westmoreland was married to L. C. Freeman
March the 2 day in year 1913

[Page Five -- Deaths]

Michael A. Garrew Father of L. C. Freeman
Deceased on Dec 4th 1864.

[Page Six -- Deaths]

Infant Boy only lived two hours March 27th 1899

Jay Whitington Freeman died Nov. 27, 1900.

[Page Seven -- Miscellaneous]

Jay Whitington Freeman was borned Nov 14 1905

Infant Boy only lived six hours Sept. 18th 1906
the son of J.E. and Una Freeman

Jim Laby Freeman was borned July 24th 1907.

William Curtis Freeman was Borned December 26 1909

Claude Edward Freeman was born Dec first 1911
[underneath written Dec. 1 1914]

Velma Lucille Freeman Borned July 9 1914.

---------------END OF TRANSCRIPT--------