Gabbert Bible


Gabbert Family Bible

Submitted March 8, 1998 by:
Melinda Yoas

I was on the web today, and I found your site for Bible entries, and thougt I would send you what is in my mother's Bible. The Bible itself isn't that old, but the people who made the entries are no longer alive.
The following is information written into a Bible given to Sandra Sue Gabbert on December 13, 1953, by her mother and father on Sandra's 9th birthday. No changes were made for spelling, or dates, all the information is in its entirety.

Surnames found in this record:

Paul Robert Gabbert 7-1-'21
Dorothy Pearl Gabbert 12-20-'23
Warren E. Joy 8-31-'40
Sandra Sue Gabbert 12-13-'44
Joyce Faye Gabbert 10-11-'47
Paul Robert Gabbert Jr. 1-18-'54
Grace Gabbert 6-1-1882
Lela Cox 7-23-1888
W. S. Gabbert 7-8-1868
John N. Cox

W. S. Gabbert 7-30-1943

Father - Paul Robert Gabbert
Sisters - Mary Edna Gabbert
Viola Ruth Gabbert
Half Bros - Owen J. Gabbert
Harry Courtney Gabbert
William S. Gabbert
Half Sisters - Lola Gabbert
Bessie Gabbert
Ruth Gabbert
Fathers-father - William S. Gabbert
Fathers-mother - Grace Stewart
Bros. of F. F. - Lou L. Gabbert
Charels Gabbert
Lee Gabbert
Victor Gabbert
Mother & father
of F. F. - Callie Hill
Ruth A. Hare
Mother and father
of F. M. - Robert Stewart
Lucy Wayland