Gambill Bible


Submitted June 1996 by:

Jean Cobb
1419 Robinhood Place
Lynchburg, VA 24503

Coded by Gwen Oliver June 5, 1996

Surnames in this record:

GAMBILL BIBLE:The following is transcribed from photographs made in 1960 from a Bible in the possession of Nellie Ballou Bruner of Pueblo, CO. I do not know who now has the Bible; I have the negatives from which the photographs were made. Be glad to have copies made for anyone interested in the Gambill, Williams, or Goss families of Ashe and Alleghany Counties in NC.

First page in Bible:

Anne Gambill her Bible Price seventy five cents

Anne Gambill was born 66th of March 1808

Martin Williams was born 29th of August 1805

Holly Bible Worthy of attention (illegible) Williams

(Directly opposite first page)

Minerva Gambill was born 25th June 1825

William Gambill was born 31st October 1826

Calvin Gambill was

Jane Gambill was born 26th January 1830

Calvin Gambill Born 16th of August 1828

(Back page in Bible)

John Goss George Reeves Baker Bowers

Anne Gambill her Bible

Price 75 cts this 28 day of August 1832

Charlotte Williams