Gearhart Bible

These pages were separated from the Bible, so an exact
publication date of the Bible is not certain. The pages
are in great condition, and consistent with those found
in mid-19th century Bibles. They were found in an antique
store in St. Charles, Illinois.

The 1880 census places this couple in Peters township,
Franklin County, Pennsylvania. It does not appear that
they had any children.

Name Relation Marital Status Gender Race Age Birthplace Occupation Father's Birthplace Mother's Birthplace
Christopher GEARHART Self M Male W 37 PA Farmer PA PA
Sarah GEARHART Wife M Female W 32 PA Keeping House PA PA

They lived adjacent to George Gearhart (age 35), and David Gearhart (age 39) households who might be
Christopher's brothers.

Most entries appear to be written by Sarah Widder Gearhart,

Transcribed by and in possession of Tracy St. Claire,


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[Page One -- Marriages]

Christopher C. Gearhart was married on the thirtieth day May
A.D. 1867
To Sarah E. Widder on the thirtieth of May eighteen Hundred
and sixty seven

[Page Two -- Births]

Christopher C. Gearhart was borne in the year of our Lord
Eighteen hundred and fourty on the tenth day of August

Sarah E. Widders Was Borne on the eleventh day of July in the
year of our Lord Eighteen hundred and fourty five

My Fathers Brothers and sisters

Catherine Widder was Borne April 15 1815

Mary Widder was Borne September 23rd 1816

Allen Widder was Borne November 2nd 1817

John Widder was Borne February 16th 1819

Elizabeth Widder was Borne May 27 1820

Anna Widder was Borne June 28th 1821

Susan Widder was Borne September 17 1822

Samuel Widder was Borne January 23d 1825

[Page Three -- Births]

My Father John Widder was Borne February 16th 1819

My Mother Anna Slothour was Borne February 4th 1821

My Brothers and Sisters

Mary Ann Widder was Borne September the 14th 1840

Jeremiah Widder was Borne May 15th 1843

Sarah E. Widder was Borne July 11th 1845

George Henry Widder was Borne March 23d 1847

Samuel Widder was Borne December 30th 1849

Catherine Widder was Borne August 19th 1851

Michael Widder was Borne February 10th 1855

Susan Widder was Borne April 21st 1855

Joseph Widder was Borne September 22nd 1856

John Widder was Borne June 17th 1859

Daniel Widder was Borne March 3d 1861

Fathers Brothers and Sisters

Sarah Widder was Borne August 13th 1826

Daniel Widder was Borne February 7th 1828

David Widder was Borne July 7th 1830

Joseph Widder was Borne February 4th 1833

Abraham Widder was Borne July 5th 1836

[Page Four -- Deaths]

My beloved Husband Christopher Gearhart died August 16 - 1919
aged 79 years and 6 days.

Sarah E. Gearhart Died Nov 7, 1931 age 86 yrs 3 mo 27 days

My Brothers and sisters That have died

George Widder Died August 22nd 1891 aged 44 years 4 months
and 29 days

John Widder Died June 17th 1859 aged 2 month

Joseph Widder Died October 6th 1856 aged 14 days

My Father John Widder Died October 6th 1897 age 78 years
7 month and 2 days Text revelations 7th chapter and 14th verse
First hymn 616 Second " 598

My Mother died on July 4th 1902 age 81 years 5 month

Michel Widder died Jan 1933

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