Geipp Bible

This Bible was submitted by:
Gary B. Ruppert
2 July 2004



Die Bibel oder die ganze Heilige Schrift des alten und neuen Testaments. New
York, herausgegeben von der Amerikanischen Bibel-Gesellschaft. 1872.


Jochim Geipp ist gebuhren den 2ten September 1844.
Sophia Geipp ist gebohren den 23ten December 184[off page]
Verheirathet den 25 October 1873

Unser Kind ist gebohren den 21 Juli 1874. Elle Sophia Geipp getauft 1874.

Unser Schweite Kind ist gebohren den 9 Juni 1877. Die heiss Rikaa Alztina
Geipp., getauf den 10 Mars 1879.

Unser Drittes Kind ist gebohren den 7 October 1879. Getauf den 24 October 1880.
Die heiss Theresse Geipp.

Unser 4 Kind ist gebohren den 2 Juli 1881. Die heist Sophia Geipp.

Unser 5 Kind ist gebohren. Die heiss Anna Geipp. Ist gebohren den 11 April 1883.

Unser Katie ist gestorben den 24 Ocktober 1889


The Bible, or the entire holy scripture of the old and new testaments, published
in New York by the American Bible Society 1872.

Joachim Geipp was born 2 September 1844
Sophia Geipp was born 23 December 184[last digit is off the page]
They were married 25 October 1873.

Our child was born 21 July 1874. Elle Sophia Geipp was baptised 1874.

Our second child was born 9 June 1877. She was named Rikaa Alztina Geipp and was
baptized 10 March 1879.

Our third child was born 7 October 1879 and baptized 24 October 1880. She was
named Theresse Geipp.

Our fourth child was born 2 July 1881 and was named Sophia Geipp.

Our fifth child was born. She is named Anna Geipp. She was born 11 April 1883.

Our Katie died on 24 October 1889.

On the flyleaf (probably in the same handwriting)
Jochim Geipp

Ab immer Treu und Redlich ... [off page]
Bist an dein kühles grab; und wunsche keinen yinger oberitz
Wer Gottes Wagen ab. Dann wirst Du auf Grünen A...
durch Pilches Leben gehen, ... [off page]
Wirst dursen herht und Grauen
den Tod ins Anlitz sehen.
Herr leite mich
So lerne ich

Orra Ella Barra
des Geiss bete und arbeite

des 28 August 1874
eine hafteit gesch ... [faded]
Frau Sophia Geipp.

English translation: unknown. The spelling and grammar of the original are poor
and my skills not equal to a translation but it seems to be a poem about death.
Even though it is titled by Jochim Geipp, I don't think it describes his demise.

Included in the Bible are three additional items:

(1) blotting paper with advertising for Concordia Theological Seminary of the
Lutheran Church, Missouri Synod
(2) one page of church bulletin entitled The Gospel Voice dated 1 March 1927
from St. Louis, Mo.
(3) newspaper clipping from 14 Sep 1919 printed in Lincoln Nebraska [name of
paper includes the wordes ...e Sunday]
An obituary for Anton Olman, long time resident of Lancaster county who
died September 6. With his family he left his home in Illinois over forty years
ago and settled on a farm four miles west of Cortland. Funeral services were
held at the Methodist Episcopal church at Cortland, September 9. Had Mr Oltman
lived until the spring 1920, he and his wife would have celebrated the fiftieth
anniversary of their marriage.