Grier Bible


Grier Family Bible

Submitted March 9, 1998 by:
Janie Elms Matthews

I've found typewritten copies of information from this Bible in two libraries, but I have no idea where the original is or who submitted the information. If anyone has the source, I'd appreciate knowing it. I have been able to document through other sources the facts recorded. The recorder made two errors that I have noted in brackets. The family this Bible record covers seems to be that of John Harris Grier whose birth date is the oldest.

Background: John Harris Grier, a fourth-generation Mecklenburg County, NC citizen, was born 1811 and died 1861. He was born and died in the Steele Creek area of Mecklenburg County. His parents were Col. Thomas J. Grier and wife Mary Harris Grier.

Surnames found in this record:

John Harris Grier Family Bible Records
Copy of Data in Union County Heritage Room/CGS Library of Carolinas
Genealogical Society
Old Court House, Monroe, NC

Evelina Melvina Grier was born February 21st, 1835
S. J. Grier was born July 14th, 1863
William P. Leonidas was born May 10th, 1838
Mary [?] Grier was born January 22nd, 1850
Margaret Paulina Ross was born March 30th, 1813
Martha Eulelia Elms was born July 27, 1859
William Albert Elms was born March 17th, 1862
Ella Gertrude Elms was born October 16, 1888

Margaret Pauline Grier Died October 18th, 1848 [?] [She died 1841]
Margaret M. A. Springs died June 28th, 1837
Martha Emmeline Grier died October 9th, 1857 in the 40th year of her age
John F. P. Grier son of P. H. Grier and L. A. Grier was born July 14,
John Harris Grier died May 13th, 1864 in the 52nd year of his age. [died

John H. Grier & Martha Emeline, daughter of Edmond & Frances Smith were
married March 10th, 1846.
James A. Elms & Eveline Melvina, daughter of John H. & Margaret Paulina
Grier were married, August 10, 1858.
B. F. Wiley and Martha Eulelia, daughter of James A. & Melvina E. Elms
were married October 3rd, 1877.
W. A. Elms and Emma L. Garrison were married Jan the 11, 1888.

Jessie, a servant was born May 1845.
Thomas Jackson Grier was born July the 14, 1863.
Samuel D. Bowden was born September 31, 1841.
Martha Emmeline Grier was born Oct. 28th, 1817.
John Harris Grier was born September 25th, 1811
Mary Fannie Grier was born January the 22, 1850
James A. Elms was born May 3rd, 1829
Jackson J. Blankenship was born March 5th, 1821.
John Harris Grier. Born June 1842

Rhoda, a servant died April 16th, 1842.
Jessie died June 1846.
Jane died Feby 3rd, 1847