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Groat Family Bible

Submitted January 30, 1998 by:
Michele L. Burbank
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I have attached the transcribed Bible page of Derrick Groat. Whereabouts of the original Bible is unknown. The Bible page was received as an Exhibit A to John Groat's (born July 8, 1831) war pension records. John Groat is my maternal great, great, great grandfather.

Surnames found in this record:

Derrick Groat's Book



Isaac Groat Born Nov 13th 1757
Simon Groat " " Nov 14th 1757
Elizabeth Groat " " Jan 6th
Margarett Groat " " July 4th 1816
Cathrine Elisa Groat Sep 7th 1818
Abraham Groat Feb 22nd 1821
Girtrude M. Groat Sep 25th 1829
Derick Groat " 8th 1826
Cathrine Clute April 2nd
Mary Anne Groat Aug 16th 1828
John Groat July 8th 1831
Simon Groat Dec 21st 1833
Eveline Groat April 21st 1836
Jesse F. Carhart Dec 21st 1857