Haigh Notes

This record was published in the New York Genealogical and
Biographical Record
, Vol 14, No. 1, January, 1923, p 63.


Please remember when the author mentions "as was manufactured about 100
years ago", this was written in 1923. The also writes "Inasmuch as the death
of John Haigh, Senior, in 1815, is recorded..." which contradicts this record,
which says that John Haigh Sen. died in Penn. in 1824. The John Haigh that
died at Waterloo must have been the son.

----------------Everything below is verbatim from source------------


Haigh, Hallett, Hasbrouck, Jones, Stout-Waldron-Benham, Grant-Whitney,
Moore, Rice, Cornell, Miller; Revolutionary War Veterans

Contributed by Janet McKay Cowing
Corresponding Member, N.Y. Gen. and Biog. Society for Seneca County, N.Y.


John Haigh, Sergeant 33rd Regiment of foot, married at Windsor, Berkshire [England],
to Ann Southern, 26 Decr, 1787.
John, born at Helston, Corwall [Cornwall], 27 Nov. 1788.
Susanah, born at Plymouth Dock, 10 Decr. 1790.
Ann, born at Dublin, Ireland, 3 Mar. 1793.
Thomas, born at Portchester Castle, near Portsmouth, 11 July 1795.
Harriet, born Calcutta, East India, 5 Jan. 1798.
William James, born Seringapatam, 20 April 1800.
Maria, born at Valore [Vellore, East India], 19 Oct. 1802.
Elizabeth, born at Valore [Vellore, East India], 6 Sept. 1805.
Arthur, born Halifax, York, 26 May 1807.
Maria, born Halifax, York, 24 Nov. 1809.


Susanah, at Dublin, Ireland, 24 Dec. 1792.
Maria, at Vellore, E. India, 1 Nov. 1802.
Elizabeth, in Lat. 4, W. Longitude 7, 10 Feb., 1807.
Arthur, at Halifax, 1 Sept., 1810.
William James, at Hull, 30 March., 1812.
John, Capt. 33rd, Killed at the battle of Waterloo, Friday, 1st day of the battle,
with a can. Shot, 16 June 1815.
Thomas, Lieut. 33rd, Killed the 3rd day of the battle of Waterloo, during the
last hour of the engagement, by a musket ball.


Ann married to Frederick Radiola, Swaby [perhaps Sowerby], 25 June 1813.
Capt. John Haigh married to Sarah Cartright, 17 Jan., 1815.
Harriet married to Gary V. Sacket, 6 Feb., 1826, at Aurora.
Capt. John Haigh, Sen., died 26 Feb. 1824,
Mrs. Ann Haigh, died 5 July 1825, } both buried at Bloom, Penn.
Capt. J. H. Sen., born at Sowerby Bridge, near Halifax, 5 Sept., 1759.
Ann Haigh, his wife, born in Aug. 1766, at Thorn.

* The original, from which this Haigh family note is published, is recorded on a
sheet of paper such as was manufactured about 100 years ago; the paper is
yellowed by time and the handwriting is also apparently characteristic of about
the beginning of the 19th century. The origin of this manuscript is not given, but
it seems on the face of it to be the record of the marriage of John Haigh to Ann
Southern and also a record of the births of their children, and a record of family
deaths. Inasmuch as the death of John Haigh, Senior, in 1815, is recorded, the
manuscript is manifestly in the handwriting of one may be seen in the manuscript
collections of the N. Y. Gen. and Biog. Society, indexed of a later generation.
The original from which this record was copied for publication under the name
of Haigh.