Hewitt Bible

This Bible record was transcribed from Tennessee Records, Bible
Records and Marriage Bonds
, Compiled by Jeannette Tillotson
Acklen, 1933, p 50-51.


Note: This is one of several Bibles in this book related to and submitted
by Mrs. George R. Bouton, nee Margaret Wharton Chambers.

Below this line, verbatim from source, except for some spacing & layout differences.

Records from Robert Hewitt Family Bible


Robert Hewitt, born Nov. 23, 1755.
Anna Hewitt, wife of Robert Hewitt, born March 6, 1767.
Caleb Hewitt, born Oct. 5, 1788.
Elizabeth Hewitt, born Feb. 6, 1791.
Hazael Hewitt, born March 3, 1793.
Robert Hewitt, Jr., born March 26, 1796.
Matilda Hewitt, born Dec. 31, 1797.
Emella Hewitt, born Jan. 29, 1800.
Mary Hewitt, born Dec. 19, 1805.
Caroline Hewitt, born Sept. 6, 1809.


Robert Hewitt and Anna Shute, married Sept. 16, 1786.
Joseph P. Wharton, married to Caroline Hewitt by the Rev.
William Hume on Sept. 21, 1830 A.D.


Elizabeth Hewitt departed this life May 12, 1794, was drowned
in Phillip Shute spring; age 3 years 4 months.
Robert Hewitt, Jr., departed this life Sept. 22, 1803, was burned
to death in a gin house, aged 7 years 4 months.
Caleb Hewitt departed this life on Sept. 9, 1816; age 27 years
11 months and 4 days; was murdered in Nashville.
Anna Hewitt, wife of R. Hewitt, departed this life Oct. 17, 1814;
age 47 years 7 months and 10 days.
Mary Hewitt departed this life June 22, 1824; age 22 years 6
months and 3 days.
Robert Hewitt departed this life at the home of Joseph P. Wharton
March 3, 1837.

(Made from a copy which is in possession of his great-great
granddaughter, Mrs. George R. Bouton, nee Margaret Wharton Chambers,
Lebanon, Tenn.)