Hodges Bible

These Bible pages were found in the front
of another
. The family link to these pages is not
immediately obvious, and there may be none at all.

Since these pages were separated from their original
Bible, they are hard to date. My estimate -- after

There are handwritten notes added at a later date
that I have put in [brackets].

These pages are currently in the possession of Tracy St. Claire,
. tracy@stclaire.org

The TAYLOR Bible was returned to descendants.

SURNAMES Included:

--------------TRANSCRIPT -----------------------

[Page One -- Marriages]

Leonard M. Hodges and Hannah L. Morey
Married Friday Dec. 27th 1850

Leonard M. Hodges and Esther A. Edsall
Married Sunday Jan 1st 1854

Frank Lawton Cady and Caroline Amelia
Hodges Married January 1st 1876

Dewitt Baldwin Hodges and Eliza Mabel
Keach Married November 27th 1892

William Hanaford and Kate M. Hodges
Marred June 28th 1899

William S. Harries and Emily C. Hodges
married Sep 1 1910

[Page Two -- Births]

Leonard Hodges [jr] born Febuary 27th 1801
[Norton Mafs]

Chloe Lane born June 10th 1805 [Norton Mafs]

George L. Morey born May 25th 1804

Hannah H. Leonard born January 7th 1805
[Taunton Mafs]

Barton Edsall born Dec 20th 1800

Sarah Coulter born May 20th 1801

Leonard M. Hodges born Friday June 29th 1827
[Norton Mafs]

Hannah L. Morey born Monday July 12th 1824
[Taunton, Mafs]

Esther A. Edsall norn Tuesday Sept 4th 1832
[Hamburg, N Jersey]

[Page Three-- Births]

Annah M. Hodges born Friday Dec 12th 1851
[Providence R I]

Caroline A. Hodges Born Thursday Dec 28th 1854
[Jersey City N J]

Leonard C. Hodges Born Thursday May 21st 1857
[St. Louis Mo]

Mary H. Hodges Born Thursday Nov 25th 1858
[Peoria Ill]

DeWitt Baldwin Hodges Born Wednesday Sept 2nd 1863
[Peoria Ill]

Emily Coolidge Hodges Born Friday March 27 1868
[Norton Mafs]

Ida Antoinette Hodges Born Tuesday August 15th 1871
[Norton Mafs]

Kate Morten Hodges Born Mansfield Mafs Saturday
March 14th 1874

[Page Four -- Deaths]

George L. Morey Died Nov 1st 1837 Aged 33 years

Hannah H. Morey Died Oct 4th 1834 Aged 29 years

Hannah L. Hodges Died Dec 20th 1851 Aged 27 years

Sarah Edsall Died July XXth [smeared TSC] 1858 aged
57 years

Annah M. Hodges Died March 6th 1852 Aged 3 months

Leonard C. Hodges Died Monday July 13th 1857

Esther A. Edsall Hodges Died December 11th 1894

Frank M. Cady Died Nov. 29, 1901 Aged 19 yrs 5 mo.

Leonard M. Hodges Died Mar. 12 1902 aged
74 yrs-8 mo-13 da.

Caroline A. Cady died Apr. 19-1910-
aged 55 yrs 3 mo 29 da

Emily C. Harris Died Nov 14-1925
aged 57 yr - 7 m - 17 da.

Frank L. Cady died April 1- 1929

Ida A. Hodges died Oct 12th 1931

DeWitt B. Hodges died July 24th 1932

Mary L. Hodges died Jan. 28 1934

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