Hodges Bible

This Bible was submitted by Larry Walcutt (lwalcutt@msn.com)

1890 Holman's Self-Pronouncing Bible Hills # 2038 & 2040

Hills # 2040: "The Pronouncing Edition of the Holy Bible. Containing the Authorized
and Revised Versions... Arranged in Parallel Columns... Concordance... References...
Tables; A History of Ancient Biblical Manuscripts, with Facsimiles... The Earliest
Printed Editions of the Bible; A History of the Revision... Etc.... A. J. Holman & Co.:

1 vol: 9-1018 1019-1026 1037-1038 1339-1342; other matter var. paged 32 cm NNAB

ERV and AV printed in parallel columns; for ERV, see 1881 NT, No 1953, and 1885
OT, No 2019, Judges Report, U.S. Centennial Commission, awarding of American
Revisers follow OT and NT Illustrated."



Presentation Page: Savannah Hodges to Martha E. Forsythe.

Family Pages:

Thelma M. Hodges & Adam Spell 12/10/1928
Thelma Hodge Spell & John Williams Welstead 12/6/1944

Thelma May Hodges born 10/30/1906.
William McNeal Hodges Jr. born 9/5/1905
Adeu Laes Spell born 2/19/1906
William McNeal Hodges Sr. born 9/15/1877
Savannah Forsythe Hodges born 11/21/1879
Martha Emmaline Forsythe born 1/10/1858.

Charles Lee Forsythe died 12/5/1915
Martha Emmaline Forsythe died 7/5/1930 (age 72)
Cleveland Forsythe died July (8 yrs.)
Wm. P. Forsythe died 12/10/1901 (age 63)
Wm. McN Hodges Jr died 9/15/1905
Wm. McNeal Hodges died 3/23/1942
Savannah Forsythe Hodges died 3/11/1952
John William Welstead died 9/28/1959

Temperance Pledge sign by Wm. M. Hodges and W. Mc Hodges.

Also includes Marriage certificate dated 9/14/05 dated 9/16/1904 between William M
Hodges of Richmond, VA and Savannah Forsythe of Richmond, VA. by rector of
Christ Church G. Otis Mead and witnessed by Katie L. Henderson and Howard E.
Seaton.. Also includes an envelope of Mrs. Thelma Welstead's hair.

Also included in the Bible are: Receipts 1904-1911 (10) for Dentist, Insurance, rents
and coal

The Pronouncing Edition in Parallel Columns. Pr S. W. Williams, (c) A. J. Holman
(page 97\1) Black heavy endpapers.

1. Presentation colored page

2. Frontispiece (2) with tissue: "Moses With the New Tables of the Law" Philippe De
Champagne, Pinxt, 1652 and "Pictorial Family Bible"

3. Title Page: The Pronouncing Edition of the Holy Bible Containing the Authorized
and Revised Versions of the Old and New Testaments Arranged in Parallel Columns,
giving every correct pronouncing of every proper name contained in the Bible by Pr
S. W. Williams. With complete Concordance: Marginal references, chronological
tables, A history of ancient biblical manuscripts, with fac-similes of the same, the
earliest printed editions of the Bible and A history of the revision of the Bible. With A.J.
Holman Logo at bottom of page.

On the verso of title page "The United States Centennial Commission Judges' Report"
(c) 1872 through 1890.

4. Revisers Preface (5 p)

4a. General Officers of the American Committee (1)

4b. History of English Translations of the Bible (i-iv)

4c. Names and Order of Old Testament Books (1)

5. Contents OT & NT (iv-viii)

6. Colored maps (2 p) "The Gentile Countries" "Chief Places History of Patriarchs"

7. Animated Nature as found in Bible Times and Lands by James P. Boyd (16 p)
includes 68 illustrations.

8. Patriarchs, Priests, Prophets and Kings or Striking Characters, scenes and events
of Old Testament History by James Boyd (32 p) includes 35 illustrations.

9. Comprehensive and illustrated History Account of the Books of the Old and New
Testaments with other interesting narratives relating to the chronology of the books of
the Bible by Alfred Nevin (48 p) includes 46 illustrations.

10. Biographical Sketches of the Translators and Reformers and other Eminent
Biblical Scholars describing the fate of these learned men who rendered the Bible into
the English Language by William F. B. Jackson (1875) (8 p) includes 13 illustrations.

11. Religious Denominations, Their History and Creeds Compiled from the most
authentic sources and brought down to the present time by William H. Munroe (16 p)

12. Two large full-page color plates: 1) "The Holy of Holies and Officiating High
Priest" and 2) and "Holy Vestments and Utensils" (2 p)

13. Science and Revelation or, The Triumph of the Bible over Criticism (2 p)

14. Testimony For The Bible (2 p)

15. Scripture Difficulties (4 p)

16. Two full-page color plates 1) "The Tabernacle in the Midst of the Encampment"
and 2) "The Holy Priest" In Linen robe and girdle and in garments of glory and beauty
(2 p)

17. Views from Photographs of Recent Surveys in the Holy Land made under the
auspices of the Palestine exploration fund society the ordinance survey of the
peninsula of Sinai (16 p) includes 44 illustrations.

18. Historical Illustrations of Bible Text derived from ancient coins and gems of the
period of time from Alexander the Great to the Destruction of Jerusalem 336 B.C. to
138 A.D. by A. L. Rawson (12 p) includes 258 Illustrations.

19. Coins, Money and Weights of the Bible by F. W. Madden (4 p)

20. Valuable Chronological and miscellaneous Tables from the Creation to the
Christian era, and the principal events of the nineteenth century. (2p)

21. The Kings and Prophets of Judah and Israel (2 p)

22. A Chronological Table Showing the Principal Events of the Jewish and
Contemporaneous History (2 p)

23. Modern Chronology From 102 to 1877 - Period XI (2 p)

24. Analytical Table and Harmony of the Mosaic Law (4 p)

25. Harmony of the four gospels (2 p)

26. Chronological-Genealogical Table showing the Lineal Descent from Adam to our
Lord Jesus Christ and the the fourth Century, A. D. (2 p)

27. A New Self-Pronouncing Dictionary of the Bible containing every important
scriptual word designed to aid students and bible-readers in better understanding the
Sacred Scriptures. Illustrated wth nearly seven hundred engravings complied from the
latest editions of William Smith (1898) (96 pages) includes 700 illustrations.

28. Bible Stories for Young People, Mary and the infants Jesus and John the Baptist
pictured on title page. (c)1890 A. J. Holman & Co. (32 p) includes 63 illustrations.

29. Full-page colored Plate - heavy paper and blank on back. "Thou Shalt Love the
Lord Thy God..."

30. A Self-Pronouncing Dictionary of Scripture Proper Names and foreign words
contained in the Bible. Comprising about 3,500 words, with their pronunciation and
meaning. with references to the verses of scripture where each word first occurs. By
Pr S. W. Williams (c)1891 by A.J. Holman & Co. (16 p)

31. Old Testament (pages 9-1018), Appendix pages (1019-1026)
Full page plates (with tissue) between pages
40-41 Two B&W full-page plates 1) "Noah Cursing Hame" and 2) "Hagar"
96-97 Full-page colored with tissue "The Finding of Moses"
160-161 Full-page B&W plate with tissue "Moses Smiting Rock in Horeb"
216-217 Two plates with (4) full-page B&W: 1) "The Wells's of Moses in Egypt
by P. Boyd; 2) "Egyptians Urge Moses to Depart" by Gustave Dore, 3) "The Walls of
Jericho Fall" by Gustave Dore and 4) "Joshua Sparing Rahab by Gustave Dore.
288-289 Full-page colored plate with tissue "Ruth Gleaning in the Fields of
336-337 Full-page colored plate with tissue "Ruth Receives The Measures of
384-385 Full-page colored plate with tissue "Joy on the Ark's Restoration"
432-433 Full-page colored plate with tissue "David as a Shepherd"
464-465 Full-page colored plate with tissue "David Giveth a Charge to
512-513 Full-page colored plate with tissue "Solomon's Prayer at Dedication of
the Temple"
600-601 4 Full-page B&W on 2 leaves: 1) "A Father In Israel Discoursing to the
Young" by R. Thomas, 2) The Beginning of Job's Misfortunes" by Gustave Dore, 3)
"Daniel Interpreting the Handwriting on the Wall" by Gustave Dore and 4) "Rebuildinbg
Jerusalem by W. J. Linton.
760-761 4 full-page B&W on 2 leaves: 1) "Artaxerxes Granting Leave to the
Jews" by Gustave Dore, 2) "Cyrus Bringing Forth the Sacred Vessels of the House of
the Lord" by Gustave Dore, 3) "Queen Vashti Refusing to Obey the Comman of
Ahasuerus" and 4) "The Fall of Babylon"

32. Apocrypha (pages 1-104)
80-81 Full-page B&W "Susannah in the Bath" by Gustave Dore

33. Family Pages - 6 colored plates

34. Frontispiece to the New Testament with tissue "Who then is that faithful..."

35. The Parables of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ Unfolded and Illustrated. All
these things spake Jesus unto the multitude in parables; and without a parable spake
he not unto them (16 p)
after 4th page full-page colored plate with tissue "For the Kingdom of heaven..."
after 8th page full-page colored plate with tissue "Then shall the kingdon of
after 12th page full-page colored plate "A certain man went..."
after 16th page full-page colored plate "There was a certain rich man..."

36. Frontispiece to NT - B&W plate with tissue "Jesus With the Doctors in the
Temple" painted by J. M. H. Hofmann

37. Frontispiece to NT Full-page colored plate with tissue "The Lords Prayer"

38. New Testament Title Page Pica Quarto 1611/1811 in Parallel

39. The Hofmann Gallery of Original New Testament Illustrations (30 p) includes 24
full-page illustrations in Septa. By Heirich Johann Michael Ferdinand Hoffman
a. The Annunciation
b. The Adoration of the Magi
c. The Flight into Egypt
d. The Childhood of Jesus
e. And All That Heard Him Were Astonished At His Understanding
f. Christ Healing The Sick
g. Make Not my Father's House An House of Merchandise
h. Jesus and the Woman of Samaria
i. Young Man I Say Unto Thee, Arise
j. Thy Sins Are Forgiven
k. Behold, A Sower Went Forth To Sow
l. The Raising of the Daughter of Jairus
m. He That is Without Sin Among You, Let Him First Cast A Stone At Her..
n. Jesus in the House of Many and Martha
o. The Prodigal Son
p. Preaching to the Multitude
q. This is My Blood of the New Testament, Which is Shed for Many
r. Behold, The Hour is at Hand and the Son of Man is Betrayed
s. Behold, The Man
t. And He Bearing His Cross Went Forth
u. The Procession to the Sepulchre
v. The Entombment of Christ
w. At The Village of Emmaus
x. Where Two or Three are Gathered Together in My Name There am I in the
Midst of Them

40. Revisers Preface (page 1029-1036)

41. History of Herod King of the Jews by Rev. G. F. Maclear (3 p)

42. Names and Order of New Testament Books (1)

43. New Testament text (page 1037-1338)
1056-1057 Full-page colored plate with tissue "The the Lord of that servant..."
1064-1065 4 B&W full-page plates on 2 leaves: 1) "Jesus Precahing at the Sea
of Galilee" by Gustave Dore, 2) "Jesus Healing The Sick" by Gustave Dore, 3)
"Sermon on the Mount" by Gustave Dore and 4) "Jesus Walking on the Sea"
1104-1105 Ful-page Colored plate with tissue "There was a certain
1136-1137 Full-page colored plate with tissue "A cerytain man had two souls..."
1152-1153 Full-page colored plate with tissue "Afterward came also the
1160-1161 4 full-page B&W on 2 leaves: 1) "Buyers and Sellers Driven Out of
the Temple" by Gustave Dore, 2) "Jesus and the Tribute-Money" by Gustave Dore, 3)
"The Agony in the Garden" by Gustave Dore, and 4) "The Betrayal" by Gustave Dore.

44. The Thorvaldsen Gallery Christ and His Apostles and John The Baptist (16 p)
Bertel Thorvaldsen (1770) 14 full-page illustrations of each Apostle.
1184-1185 Full-page plate with tissue "Verily, Verily I say Unto You..."
1208-1209 4 full-page B&W on 2 leaves: 1) "The Descent From The Cross", 2)
"Jesus and his Two Disciples on the Way to Emmaus" by Gustave Dore, 3) "The
Death of Stephen" and 4) "Paul Menaced By The Jews"

45. List of Renderings Preferred by the American Committee. Recorded at their
desire. See preface to New Testament (4 p)

46. A Chronological Index to the Holy Bible according to revisions of recent Christian
chronologists (8 p)

47. 4000 Questions and Answers of the Old and New Testaments intended to open
up the Scriptures for the use of students and Sunday-School Teachers (50 p)

48. Evangelists and Deacons. Mark, Luke, Philip, Nicholas, Titus and Timotheus (6 p)

49. A New Practical Concordance of the Old and New Testaments or, an alphabetical
Index to the Bible (47 p)

50. Psalms of David in Metre (36 p)

51. Family Portraits. Windows for 10 Deurogotypes.