Holmes Bible Pages

Since these pages were separated from their original
Bible, they are hard to date. My estimate -- late

These pages are currently in the possession of Tracy
St. Claire, .


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[Page One -- Marriages]

Frank H. Holmes and Louise C. Wagener
was Married on the 27 of March 1880 at

Earl R. Holmes and Alma Odin were married
on the 21th day of September 1923 at New
Britain, Conn by Dr. Henry W. Maier.

[Page Two -- Births]

Frederick W. Holmes was Born in Colchester Conn.
on the 23 of July Sunday 1882

Earl R. Holmes was borne in Colchester Conn.
on the 12 of June Tuesday 1894

Frank Harris Holmes was born in North Stovington
June 23 1853

Louise C. (Wagener) Holmes was born in Colchester
Conn. April 25 1860

[Page Three -- Deaths]

Frank Harris Holmes died October 3 1933 at Laurence
Memorial Hospital New London, Conn.

Louisa C. Holmes died at Colchester Conn May
10 1935

Frederick William Holmes died at Colchester
Conn. July 9 - 1964 Thursday Buried from Fed.
Church Sunday Rev. Don Stanley

Alma L. Odin Holmes Died at Hartford Hospital
May 30 - 1965 Saturday Burial June 1 - 1965
Linwood Cemetary Dr. F. H. Heaps and Rev. Don
Stanley officiated Burial from Fed. Church.

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