Houghton Bible

Primary family name in the Bible - Houghton
Submitter and Owner: Craig Miller
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The Bible was handed down through the family to me.
There is no title page in the Bible, so don't have the copyright
On one page is says, "Pictorial Family Bible" probably around 1880.



This certifies that
S.B.( Stephen Berkly) Houghton and Emida F. (Florence) Miller
were united by me in the Holy Bonds of Matrimony
at Hudson (IL) on the 26 day of July in the year of our Lord 1879.
In Presence of John A. Miller and Eliza Miller (Eliza Jane McGiffen)
Signed T.R. McNair, Minister of the Gospel

Stephen B. Houghton and Emma (Emida) F. Miller were united in Marriage, July
26, 1879
Elza Miller Houghton & Amma Nakowitz were united in Marriage, Sep 30, 1902
Harry R. Houghton & Clara Reinhart were united in Marriage, May 22, 1910
Beulah F. Houghton & Hrry Gates were united in Marriage, Jan 19, 1911
John Andrew Houghton & Olive Rasmursen were united in Marriage, Sep 6th -
Myrtle Bernice Houghton & Clarence D. Krueger were united in Marriage, July
1st 1920
John H. gates and Betty Steurmer, Aug 14, 1943
Marian Gates and Paul Miller, Oct 5, 1946 (Peoria, IL)

Elza Miller Houghton was born July 25, 1882
Elmer Houghton was born January 6, 1885
Stephen Earl Houghton, Februarary 1, 1886
Harry Ranson Houghton was born Sep 27, 1887 (IL)
Beulah Florence Houghton was born Jan 19,1890 (Hudson, IL)
John A. (Andrew) Houghton was born Nov 5, 1893 (IL)
Myrtle Bernice Houghton was born Aug 6, 1899 (IL)
John H. (Houghton) Gates, Dec 28, 1912 (Peoria, Illinois)
Florence Gates, April 23, 1914 (IL)

Elmer Houghton, Died March 23, 1885
Stephen Earl Houghton, Died September 1, 1899
John A. Houghton Died Jan 1, 1926
My beloved Husband, Stephen B. Houghton Died September 19th 1932
Emida Houghton May 30, 1950
Harry Gates, June 11, 1933
Florence Gates Nov 24, 1924

Stephen B. Houghton was born Nov 15, 1856
Emida Florence Miller was born July 9, 1862
My sister Sarah Hoselton died Jan 14th 1906
My Sister Rosa (Rosamund) Middleton 1920
My Dear old Mother (Eliza Jane McGiffen), died Dec 27, 1917
My Dear old Dad (John A. Miller), died July 30, 1896

Temperance Pledge
We hereby solemnly promise, God helping us, to abstain from all distilled,
fermented and malt liquors including wine and beer and to employ all proper
means to discourage the use of and the traffic in the same.
(signed) Emma F. Houghton